Displaying 1080p and 1440p content on a 4k monitor: does it look so bad?

Discussion in 'Computer Monitor Forum' started by devetimon, Sep 10, 2020.

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    I am going to buy a new monitor as my old 1080p S27A950D has failed after 8 years using it. I am considering buying a 4k monitor (27" or 32"), something not high-end but "fairly decent" (such as the EW3270U or 326M6VJRMB or 27UL850 or something similar). My use will be mixed: gaming, video, streaming, photos/social networks, web surfing, working with documents, etc. I have a Rtx 2060 super graphics card and I played many games at 4k with my old 1080p monitor using Nvidia DSR factors (software/drivers emulation), quality was actually impressive and very high. I am not a fps/refresh rate fanatic but I am happy to play at 30-35 fps, graphics quality being the most important thing for me. If I buy a new 4k monitor, I am aware my current graphics card will not be able to handle many games in a couple of years so I will need to lower the resolution and play games at 1440p or 1080p on my 4k monitor. Plus, a lot of content nowadays is still 1080p (e.g. streaming videos, youtube videos, and so on), so I will make extended use of this "under-native" content on my 4k. That's why I am asking you - who among you has been using a 4k monitor for a long time - what can you tell me about displaying under-native content on a 4k monitor? Does it look so awful? In a nutshell, my questions are:

    -does lowering the games' resolution to 1440p on a 4k monitor look so bad? Do proportions look strange (as 2160p is not exactly a x2 multiple of 1440p)? What about other issues you noticed (e.g. more aliasing, blurring, textures, etc..)?

    -does watching 1080p videos (e.g. on streaming platforms or youtube) on a 4k monitor look so bad? As they are still so popular, what quality issues have you spot?

    -are you able to easily read text on a 4k monitor (e.g. while on Windows, while surfing the internet or while working with documents/emails)? Or did you need to lower the display resolution in order not to put your eyesight under strain? If yes, how did it scale and what kind of issues did you notice (e.g. aliasing, blurring, etc..)?

    -does playing extensively games at 4k resolution (e.g. for around 2-3 hours everyday) shorten the life of the graphics card by putting a lot of stress on it so that it can die faster?

    -on a scale from 0 to 10, how would you rate your general experience displaying 1080p and 1440p content on your 4k monitor?

    Thanks in advance for your comments and contributions to this discussion
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    Yes u will see blurriness, i used to use my 4k tv as a monitor for my pc, but when u play at 1080p u see general bluriness in the screen and it s not nice at all, u d rather have the computing power to use 2k or 4k
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    I will cook it down to this - if you don't have the power to run native 4k, then you are better off getting a monitor that aint 4k. Native res will ALWAYS look better than upscaling. That said, you can use dlss in newer games, even if i find that it is rather crap tbh, as it is still upscaling, which shows...

    Seeing as you are on a limited budget, i would suggest get a 1440p g-sync screen.
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    What if he intends to upgrade GPUs later on? Would that still be that bad? Maybe it's worth it a 4K screen now and, after a few months, a new GPU.

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    It's fine. It's obviously not 4k but it's not as bad as displaying old sd videos on a 1080p tv. It looks more blurry but that's about it.

    This said if you can't run 4k you should get 2k. It's fine as it's fine if you output to your 4k TV here and there as a secondary display but as a main monitor if you can't run 4k i would buy a lower resolution.

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