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    There should still be a device perhaps it's disconnected for some reason so it doesn't show up by default and would appear grayed out.

    Let's see here it's a command-line parameter so something like right clicking on the start menu and selecting the command line with administrative rights.

    set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1

    And then also in there go to view and show hidden devices. :)
    Might show up under a otherwise hidden branch as a bit of a question mark looking device just needing the drivers to be identified and activated after a reboot.
    ("Other devices." I think is what it's called, hidden by default.)

    Should be a unknown device you can add the Realtek audio driver for, not sure why it removes those though unless DDU can also clean (Should be optional?) Realtek devices.
    Either point it to the drivers you have and update from there or get the latest generic version from Microsoft.
    (The AMD HDMI Audio component / NVIDIA Audio component I can see but not sure why it'd remove the Realtek stuff and if you did that check so it didn't uninstall other supported components as well if you ran it with no parameters for what to clean importantly the motherboard chipset drivers specifically.)


    This is a generic Realtek HD Audio driver though without the vendor specific extras so if that's what you need the motherboard website usually has a driver that works for that purpose. :)

    If this doesn't lead to any device showing up restart first and then you can do this possibly also scanning for a device update via the device manager and if Windows Update driver updating is active it'll probably pull something.
    I prefer updating to what latest available driver I can find but either method should work to restore the device status.

    EDIT: Taking out and plugging back in the audio device cable can also get it active and then you can get the driver update going as well, there's a couple of methods so it's not too problematic usually.
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