Display artifacts/flickering on 7970 at high refresh rate with Radeon Software

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    7970 Lightning BE
    Hi, I have a 7970 Lightning BE and have this odd issue at refresh rates above 115hz. The display flickers and shifts at 144hz, but if you set a custom resolution of 115hz CVT reduced blanking there is no issue.
    This is on the 21.6.2 NimeZ driver, but I have the same issue with AMD drivers from 18.3.3, 19.5.1, 19.11.1, 19.12.3, 20.12.1, and the official 21.5.2 driver.
    I used DDU for before installing and testing each of these drivers. I tried the Catalyst 15.11.1 however, and it works at 144hz with no issue, but some games don't work properly on it, and it's missing some of the newer features.
    Any idea what could solve the issue, or any driver version that could work? If anyone has a similar issue or a non-reference 7970 and a 144hz+ display let me know of a driver version that works.
    I tested the mini DP to DP with a laptop and it works fine at 144hz as well.
    Can't upload vids here, the file is too large, see the video on imgur for how it looks like. It gets more glitchy especially when content is moving.
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    If you use DP be sure to enable lv2 voltage (or whatever its called, there are 2 options in the Display menu), or try to check if you have a newer gpu bios version, or simply try playing with overclock/underclock, but for sure it's not a driver problem, and it's recommended to have the latest always

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