Disappeared low level system tweaks

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    Gigabyte 7800GT
    Hi All,

    This is the first post i make on this forum and it's definitely my first post on a forum EVER in wich i can help some people out. (i hope so)

    My attention was drawn to rivatuner when i was reading on the internet about giving my 7800GT videocard the same capabilities as a 4500 quadro FX.

    This instructions did the job for me pretty wel.

    After changing PCI DeviceID settings to Quadro (in stead of the advised custom option) rivatuner did not recognize my card anymore.
    No forceware was detected under Driver settings (Main tab) and there was also no target adapter.

    I tried to re-install the driver manually but got an error because there was no compatible card found.

    After a few hours i decided to load the driver via the windows control panel.
    Selected it from the list and there was no nagging window that notified me of the fact that the videocard was not compatible.

    After a restart the card was working again normal.

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