DirectCU II VS TwinFozr IV

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by FilipePT, Feb 14, 2014.

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    I'll buy R9 270X Card.

    I'm torn between Asus DirectCU II TOP or MSI TwinFozr IV Gaming, what better and more reliably?

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    Can't comment on the DC II, as never had one before, but the TwinFrozr is a great cooler (got one on my 290X), its very quiet under load (even at high rpms), can just about hear it (well the whoosh of air), and the temps are very good as well, idles around 35/37, and under load is only around 77, can't fault it, but either would do tbh, as read a lot of good things about those DC IIs as well.

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