digital out with sblive value!

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    ok, well i have a SB Live Value! (not DE or 5.1) and i want to know how i can do digital out?<br>
    My sb live has an digital out, and my speakers are digital and 5.1 dolby, and i wana know if it will work or not and how to do this.<br>
    I have tried plugging the speakers into the digital, changing the mode on the speakers to digital and then changing the volume adjust advanced options to digital out, but it doesnt work.<br>
    Any ideas?<br>
    Thank you.
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    ok i have the same card and have done this successfully let me give u a few tips. first thing is to go the the volume properties and chefk the box that says digital out only. next connect a mini-plug to rca connector to the yellow (digital out) on the card. feed one of the rca cables, im pretty sure it doesnt matter, red or white as a coaxial digital in on ur decoder/speakers. In my case i connected it to my yamaha rx-v620 receiver and it worked perfectly at this point. Another thing u should do that i 4got to at the moment is go into ur start menu-&gt; programs-&gt; creative-&gt; SB Live! Value-&gt; and open the surround mixer. go to the speakers tab, and select Live!Surround, this is the setting for 5.1. After this everything should work, if not ask me again so i can brainstorm a lil more<br><br><i>This message was edited by antsh on 29 Sep 2001 10:31 AM</i>
  3. cleaner

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    Im still having problems mate. Can u please give me some more hints or ideas?<br>
    Could it be cable related? (spdif)<br>
    Could it be related to certain digital modes? (AC-3, PCM)<br>
    Thank you

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