Difference between EVGA GTX480 and GTX480SC

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    EVGA GTX480 SC
    I understand that the SC has a slight overclock but can a 480GTX not have a slight OC to match an SC ?
    Or could an SC go even further?
    Is the SC worth the extra money over a GTX480 out of the box?
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    MSI GTX 1070ti
    I am pretty sure the sc is just a mildly overclocked version. I cant remember if they set the voltages up at all in the bios. Doesnt matter much really, you can change it with afterburner or whatever tuning program you like.
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    There is a whole thread about this on the evga forums.
    The SC and SC+, are better chips. A evga product manager said the nvidia or evga(forget) bins certain chips that test better for the SC SC+ and the FTW.
    They select chips closer to the center of the wafer to test for the SC, SC+, and FTW. And sometimes depending on demand for the vanilla 480 you will get a chip closer to the center that overclocks really well.
    I believe the SC versions have a different bios to allow voltage control. Afterburner can only take it so high.

    So in my opinion the extra cash is worth it for a chip that tested better.
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