Difference between 11x255 and 10x280

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    After doing all my o/c'ing with the 148 default multi of 11, I'm curious what exactly the point is in lowering it. In effect, am I putting more stress on the ram and less on the cpu? What exactly am I looking to gain. Is it possible that doing this may in effect let me lower the voltage?

    I'm gonna do some super-pi, occt, and prime95 testing to see what I can conclude.

    Edit: Well, I can't even run occt for 10 minutes before I get an error with a multi of 10 and I can run super pi, occt, and prime for 15 hours before I get an error. Back to 11 I guess.
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    280x10 will be faster due to the increased bandwidth (timing dependant).

    but if your ram cant do the 280, then like you say, back to x11.

    but for future reference, dropping multis will put more stress on the cpu.

    means the Intergated Memory Controller (IMC) has to work harder, same as tighter timings will stress cpus more.

    hence why my old 3500+ NC couldnt do DDR600 2.5-3-3-5 even tho the ram could, but my new opty can.

    better IMC.

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