Did I Just Cook My 9800GX2 With Excessive Temps?

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by Roger_D25, Jul 7, 2008.

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    Denial - Although I think most cards will shut themselves off at a predetermined temperature to lesson the chances of damage but I don't think its that "Critical" temperature (in my case the critical temp being 105C). I say this because the PWM fan on the stock heatsink isn't programmed to run at 100% until the card reaches 118C, so the shut-off temp must be higher right?

    If I were going to keep this card I'd use RivaTuner or NiBiTor to reprogram the automatic fan control to cool the card better (as has been mentioned the default programming is prioritized around noise levels instead of keeping the card cool at all cost). Granted keeping noise down isn't a bad thing but I think there is a better middle ground solution where both noise and temps are balanced. I have been just keeping the fan at 100% all the time but as you guys know this GX2 fan isn't the most quite fan on the market!

    On a separate note I just got approved through eVGA to "Step-Up" my GX2 to the GT280 (and at no cost to me what-so-ever)! I realize the GX2 is actually faster in many cases (especially benchmarks) but when it comes to regular gaming both cards are fairly close performance wise. Plus I'm planning on upgrading my 24" monitor to the mighty 30" monitor in which the GT280 really shines.

    Last but not least, has anyone successfully reprogrammed their GX2's stock fan control to more effectively cool their cards without having to just set the manual control to 100%? That is to say, has anyone used NiBiTor or RivaTuner to change the "Automatic" control to run differently.

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