DHL Delivery sucks Arse for computer parts!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by retiredat44, Feb 17, 2007.

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    DHL, morons lost my Power Supply in another city, refused to upfdate the tracker.. I wa sleft waiting la day for thos flaming A-Holes, and only after e-mails and phone calls tofday I found out they lost it int he wrong Freaking city!!

    Just a note to save everyone else, that uses a shipping company, or buys computer parts from a stors that uses DHL shipping, don't ! Do not every ver ever use it, don't order anything only from any stores that use DHL Shipping! They are clueless, lost, inconsiderate, they lose packages, they do not update your tracking information in a timely manner, if at all! They are NinComPoops!!!

    They have no repsect for their customers. Check before you place an order! What shipping company wil be used. if it is DHL ( )Run like a MOFO, kill your broswer and shop elsewhere! They will not update their delivery information on a timely manner, lose packages, refuse to communicat ewith customers, and the list goes on. have had my 50 year sof experience on this planet, and can honestly say I had some horrid miserable experiences with UPS also, I won't go in them here.
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    Whoa! Easy mongo!

    Shipping companies are shipping companies - you have been affected by a rare occurance that is a fact of life when it comes to shipping - sometimes some things do go astray - by bad workmanship, or by bad egg! It can also be the fault of the customer and the company using the distribution facility. The fact remains that DHL are the largest logistics and distribution organistion in the world. I don't think they got that accolade by loosing everyone's shipments.

    Somewhat biased, I work in the commercial dept of DHL in the UK, but being in the industry and an active online purchaser - I have experience of a lot of shipping co's and DHL aren't that bad.

    Does anyone else agree/ disgree?

    I promise not to turn into a self promotion thread :D!!!
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    Agree 100%. Exactly what I was just about to write. Well except the employment part. :)

    You can't slate a whole company for one tiny problem.

    DHL are a huge company and they didn't get to where they are today by messing things up for everybody.

    Say you met a guy from England, right? Say he was a knobhead. Now because he was.. that way, does that therefore mean all people from the UK are like that as well?

    Because that's what you're essentially saying about DHL. You're generalising that because you had a slight misfortunate that their service as a whole is rubbish and people should avoid them completely.

    I used to recieve a lot of component samples from Taiwan via DHL and I've never had a problem.

    Also never understood people that bash perfectly good companies because of one incident. If it was numerous incidents I would understand.
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    I've heard from a friend who buys and sells frequently on EBay that DHL (at least in New York) is unreliable because if they see that it's an expensive or valuable item (such as a cell phone) sometimes the employees just steal it and claim it's been delivered or lost.
    The implication is that in general their business not as professional and organized as UPS or Fedex.
    A lot of times I see DHL employees just chatting with each other on the street while holding packages, or on the cell phone.
    UPS and Fedex employees always hav a big armful of things and are always walking briskly to their destination.

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    I agree with Wildstyle and Infid3l. That post was a tad over the top. Ive used DHL lots of times and theyve been great. With a company of that size you must be a very small minority of people who have had an issue considering how many people they deliver to.

    QuadCannons: For items being stolen you wanna read up on Royal Mail! In my experience they have been known to steal anything of value if its not sent via signature delivery.
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    I've used DHL before.

    For an overnight dilivery.

    It was 3 weeks late.

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