Deus Ex file hack?(someone please help me!)

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  1. <IMG SRC="smileys/redface.gif"> <IMG SRC="smileys/frown.gif"> Oh God! Please help me here! Have been running Deus Ex for weeks and now I have a corrupted save game folder( because I switched to Glide to see if the display would be better!) and I cant face starting again. Is there a hack to choose which map of the game to play from? I was entering Area 51 when I f****d up bigtime.<br>
    I feel ill!<br>
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    Hmm I remember reading about this problem happening to people a while ago - save game files getting corrupted. If you have a Voodoo card, then you definately want to be running in Glide as this game was pretty much designed for Glide and will run a hell of a lot smoother than D3D. If you do not have a Voodoo - what are doing trying glide at all?<br>
    Anyway, try going back to a previous save game if you havent tried that already, or failing that copy the last one, delete the original and restart the game from a previous one.<br>
    Have a look at the Forums - <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> - there should be some help there.

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