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Detonator Driver installation for win2k

Discussion in 'Links' started by triptych, Oct 2, 2002.

  1. triptych

    triptych Guest

    WIN2K - nVidia Detonator Driver installation


    Do NOT use the UPDATE DRIVER or UNINSTALL options in
    Driver window.

    Neither of these will delete old video card driver files. Click for details
    These leftover files can, and do, make installation of new
    drivers difficult, messy and sometimes impossible.

    The only failsafe way to install new drivers is :

    A Preparation

    1. Download the new driver. If the driver filename ends in .exe just
      put it somewhere you'll be able to find it again :) If it ends in .zip
      then create a new folder and extract the zipped files into it. [You'll need a
      utility such as Winzip or Powerarchiver]
    2. Next, you have to remove the old drivers.
      Select Start:Settings:Control Panel
    3. Double click Add/Remove Programs
    4. Scroll down the list and click on the entry for
      NVIDIA Windows 2000/XP Display Drivers and then click the
      CHANGE/REMOVE button
    5. A confirm message will pop up. Click on Yes
    6. Restart your computer
      When it boots back up it will be in VGA mode [grey and horrible]. Do
      not panic!
    7. You should now be seeing an Upgrade Device Wizard.The next step depends
      on whether the driver you want to install ends in .exe or .zip

      B Installation of .exe driver
      1. Click Cancel
      2. To save time, disable any anti-virus software now.
      3. Go to the folder that contains the new driver and double click on it
        -grins- the driver, not the folder!
      4. Accept the Licence Agreement
      5. The nVidia installation Wizard appears. Click Next
      6. When the MS digital signing window appears click Yes to continue.
      7. After the installation is finished you will be prompted to restart your
        computer. Unless you particularly like the grey screen :) click yes and that's it!

        B2 Installation of .zip driver
        1. Click Next on the MS Upgrade Device Wizard
        2. The following screen appears :


          The option Search for a suitable driver for my device recommended] is already selected and is less scary for non-experts so just click Next.
        3. You are now looking at a screen with 4 options.


          Click in the box next to
          Specify a location and then click Next
        4. A small window pops up.


          Click the Browse button and select the
          folder which contains the new, unzipped driver files. Open it.
        5. You should see at least one filename, usually nv4_disp.dll.


          Highlight this file and click Open
        6. The same small window should be back but with the new pathname in the text box.


          Click OK
        7. You're back at the Search Results window and you should see the full path and
          filename of the new driver.


          Click Next
        8. You are now looking at our beloved MS warning that the device has not been signed. Treat it with the contempt it deserves and click Yes
        9. Almost there. You will see the files being copied and then the final Wizard window appears. Click Finish
        10. Restart your computer...and ta dah...the driver should be working.

          C Epilogue
          If the icons are too big or too small, adjust the display setting [256 colour/16-bit High Colour/32-bit True Colour] by right clicking on an empty patch of desktop and selecting Properties from the popup. Then click on the Settings tab and choose whichever display setting works best with your setup.
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  2. Dave

    Dave Don Fredo Corleone

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    very nice job:approval:
  3. Holocron

    Holocron Ancient Guru

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    GTX 850M / 4GB
  4. triptych

    triptych Guest


    Aw shucks :)

  5. bourbon

    bourbon Master Guru

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    Sapphire Raedon 9800 flashed to pro
    you did this yourself? nice...
  6. SMS

    SMS Guest

  7. SMS

    SMS Guest

    Wonder if you might hazard a guess as to the correct answer to the following question the cmptr asked when I select the "Add/Remove" program to remove the ASUS drivers:

    A box appears with the following options:

    a. Uninstallation Completely (is selected by default).

    b. Uninstall ASUS enhanced utility driver.

    This last minute choice left me wondering if I should select both boxes, just a, or what. Since you have an ASUS card, would you happen to know what the enhanced utility driver is all about, and if that should go as well?
  8. triptych

    triptych Guest

    This is not gospel okay?

    Okay. My Asus card had a lot of extra features on it that I wasn't much interested in so I chose the complete uninstall.

    If you want to retain retain some of those features maybe what you should do is

    a) Uninstall completely
    b) Reinstall only the selected features from the Asus driver set
    c) Then install the detonator driver of your choice.

    Word of warning though...logically this should be okay but I remember that the nVidia driver that came with the Asus was pretty old. If you update to newer versions, as of course you will, you may find some conflicts. I guess it calls for some trial and error.

    If you do some experimenting how about posting back?
  9. SMS

    SMS Guest

    Not being the experimental type with these tempermental pukers, I went with the complete uninstall concept, and it worked fine. So far I don't miss the extra features I wasn't aware I had. The driver change went as you advertised, and I'm pleased as punch.

    Thanks again for your help, and putting together a model guide for changing drivers in Win2k.
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  10. triptych

    triptych Guest

    I wish I could take credit for it but everything I know I learned from the guys here so......from all of us


  11. Ant

    Ant Don Michael Corleone

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    2 x Inno3D 9600GT 512MB
    modest to boot.. refreshing
    nice job. :cheers:
  12. McWolf

    McWolf Guest

    Need help for re-install driver

    I just make a clean installatin of 30.82 to my win2000 after unintalling it. but today I have a problem, the sys say "can't find the device", the drvier can be installed. the monitor is not recognized, so just appar 16bit and can't be changed. someone could help me?
  13. triptych

    triptych Guest

    Odd. That sounds like your video card has been uninstalled.
    Click Start/Settings/Control Panel/System. Then select the Hardware Tab. About the middle of the screen are a couple of options. Select 'Device Manager'. You will see a list of devices for your computer. Double click 'Display Adapters' [near the top]. What do you see?
  14. McWolf

    McWolf Guest

    the device's driver is not be installed? But when I install the driver,it will say can't find the device.
  15. triptych

    triptych Guest

    Sorry McWolf I'm having a bit of trouble understanding exactly what the problem is. I don't want to give you the wrong information so I need some more details, okay?

    What did you uninstall - the operating system or the old driver?

    Which device can't it find? When do you get this error message?

    a) what does the system say about your monitor?
    b) "so just appar 16bit" - do you mean "High Color - 16bit"?

  16. Bezaleel

    Bezaleel Guest

    I went to W2000 Safe Mode and uninstalled the NVidia GeForce 3 card from there. Did a reboot and then installed the updated drivers (40.72). I didn't get the wizard telling me there was new hardware, but so far so good for me.
  17. Axe_78th

    Axe_78th Guest

    I am at present running 98SE about to upgrade to XP. I use Det Destroyer after I uninstall the drivers in control panel/add/remove programs to get rid of existing Nvidia files before I install new drivers. In this thread I assume you do not need this step in 2000/XP? Thanks

    I just read one of the stickys about this, :)
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  18. triptych

    triptych Guest

    Not sure whether Detonator Destroyer is needed or not but it isn't used because it doesn't support win2k/xp as yet :)
  19. dpecnik

    dpecnik Guest

    Abit & detonators = problems

    Ok here is my problem I was not able to solve:

    My configuration is as follows:

    Athlon XP 1600
    MBO Soltek S-75 DRV4
    Abit Siluro GeForce3 Ti 200

    Widows 2000 Pro SP3

    When I installed my video card with Abit drivers it was all OK (these are nVidia 20.83). When I tried to install new Detonators (tried 30.82 and 40.72) installation went OK, but when I tried to open:


    and error message comes up, saying:

    "Error occured while working with file desk.cpl"

    When I was installing new drivers I tried to install Standard VGA driver first, but I could not find it in Win2000. So then I removed the video card from the system, having almost the same effect and then restarted computed and installed new Detonators. But nothing helped, I could not get them work, so I am still using original Abit drivers (on Abit web page they still have this old driver)

    I toght about using Detonator Destroyer, but it is only for Win 98.
  20. triptych

    triptych Guest

    Ok. You don't have to worry about Standard VGA in win2k coz it does it automatically if you uninstall the existing drivers. The only real trick to changing drivers is as simple as removing the existing ones from Settings/Control Panel/Add Remove programs. This will get rid of them cleanly. I know it sounds too simple but trust me, it really does work.

    Not sure from your post whether you did this or not. Pls post back.

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