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Discussion in 'nVHardPage' started by aiwilson, Nov 18, 2003.

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    I enabled the "Desktop Overlay & Edge Blending" option, but I cannot find where to modify these settings. I have looked all through the nVidia Advanced property tree as well as all the nView options with no luck. How do I use this option?

    I have tried this with the latest version of the Nvidia detonator drivers downloaded directly from Nvidia as well as the detonator driver version 52.70 downloaded from

    Thanks in advance.
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    Can you even do what you say?


    If nvHardpage doesn't support Overlay & Edge Blending, then why do you advertise it? Sounds like a Microsoft product to me.

    Thanks for the wasted time.

    Since nvHardpage can't perform what they say they can, we were forced to develop this technology ourselves.

    If anyone would like this technology (overlay & edge blending), I will send you the header and static library for $20, just reply to this post and we'll make arrangements. Note: this will work on any graphics card that is running OpenGL.
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    nVHardPage can enable hidden Desktop Overlay & Edge Blending page in nVidia control panel only with some old ForceWare drivers, not with 52.xx and higher.

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