Dell Workstation Video Card Upgrade Worthwhile?

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    nvidia 3450

    I have a Dell Precision 490, with two 3Ghz dual Xeon processors, 16GB of Ram.

    The current video card is nVidia Quadro 3450, PCI Express x16 1.0 graphics card slot;

    I would like to know if my workstation allows for the video card upgrade to:

    nVidia Quadro K2000 or nvidia Quadro K4000

    First of all I would like to know if the Dell Precision 490 system specs (I have a large power source) permit it.

    Also, my PCI Express x16 1.0 graphics card slot should allow for a PCI Express x16 2.0 video card to fit the slot but downgrade the speed a little, as far as I have read. I guess I could replace cards with my own hands...
    So this first question is actually more for the people at Dell...

    Also, second question:

    I would like to know other people's opinion if this upgrade is worth while...

    Mainly I will use my system for heavy large file editing in Photoshop (CS6& CC) and intensive 3D work in Autodesk Maya(2011&2014) and Vue Infinite.

    Will one of the above mentioned video cards make a considerable difference in speed while I process photography(usual curves,saturation,etc and plugins such as Nik Software and Topaz Sharpener) \ and display 3D graphic\s in the viewports? I know that in 3D rendering the processors&RAM are used, not the video card. In viewport display, video card is used but how much improvement would come with an upgrade? Perhaps all the textures would show faster :)

    When will the CUDA cores be used and is the new video card architecture important for this kind of work? Will OpenGl display benefit from this? ( I believe both Photoshop & Maya use OpenGl for display but will it work better?)

    But sometimes I will also work with HD video files with Adobe Premiere CS6&CC and Adobe After Effects. Here as far as I know the new video card will make very very much difference... but how much?

    I would appreciate advice on having this upgrade...

    Thank you,


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