Dell U2414H - DP problem?

Discussion in 'Computer Monitor Forum' started by Campacci2k, Aug 8, 2014.

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    Hi everyone.

    I recently purchased and received yesterday my new monitor, a Dell U2414H. I plugged in my VGA monitor via DP cable that came with the product and everything worked perfectly fine. I took to install the monitor driver and also the DDM (Dell Display Manager).

    I turned off the computer and later use when needed again, the DDM displayed a message that there was a Dell monitor installed. Restarted the PC and I have had no video signal.

    When I try to take video using the DP, the message "Power Safe Mode" appears. I can only use via HDMI.

    Believed to be defective cable, ordered a new one in my city but not yet delivered. I'm able to use the PC via HDMI, but in DP without chances.

    Ps.: Sorry my english.

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