decided to stay with cat 3.7's b/c of recent hardware failures...(not GC related)

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon Drivers Section' started by BLevi, Nov 4, 2003.

  1. BLevi

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    should i go with DNA's version of 3.7? or should i stick with ATi's regular 3.7's...
  2. THunDA

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    ya gotta really try em yourself.. Ive tried omega ...dna... and they dont seem to do much for me.. So ive stuck with regular 3.7's.. I also reverted back to 3.7's cuz of the problems people had with the 3.8's

  3. Junk

    Junk Guest

    i use the 3.8's with my vga. never had any problems with 'em, and i don't really care for third party drivers..
  4. David

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    im using 3.8's here. no problems. i recommend sticking to ati drivers.

  5. BLevi

    BLevi Guest

    thx for the help guys...stickin to regular ATi drivers...
  6. nofool

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    I also rolled back to the Catalyst 3.7 drivers and control panel, but unfortunately the only control panel I can find is the one that does not have "Same as Desktop" as a pull-down option in the Display tab. Also, missing in the control panel, from both OpenGL and Direct3D pages, is the ability to use Truform (I'm one of the few people who really likes this feature and has no trouble with it at all).

    I've gone back and downloaded the Cat. 3.7 CP from all over the place but cannot find the SECOND release of this control panel (I think it was unofficial) where this feature was added. The first release had the omission described above.

    "Same as Desktop" is an important feature, because this enables you to lock your refresh rate and keep it locked. The Cat. 3.8 control panel didn't have this omission, and I really liked the layout a LOT, but I guess you can't (and maybe shouldn't) use 3.8 control panel in conjunction with the 3.7 driver. Or doesn't it make any difference? All in all, I'm just fatigued with all this 3.8 trench-warfare and look forward to the 3.9's (I hope....)

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