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December 4 Battlefield V Raytracing DXR performance patch released (benchmarks)

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Dec 5, 2018.

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    EA/DICE have quite and downfall. And it is not because of image quality of their games. It is because they make uninteresting games. On top of that they push propaganda which big part of their paying community dislikes. And then they are toxic towards that community.

    In few months they are going to release Anthem (Action-3PS/FPS semi-MMO-RPG). Graphically it looks better than needed, gameplay looks good enough mechanically. Has kind of premise of "Firefall" which originally was great game till they made it scrubs friendly.
    But people generally ignore it because they do not like EA itself.
    = = = =
    What I mean by that example is simple:
    To keep Star Wars license, they do not need to show great visuals. They have to demonstrate that their games do not alienate community and that popularity of SW franchise improves.
    If people start to dislike SW due to game, then no kind of license EA pays will compensate for loss of ticket sales of next Movie.

    I think that EA does not understand their consumer on economical side too. That goes for their change of Battlefield release schedule. They thought that they can pull money from people in same manner as CoD. But BF crowd expects long term support for game. CoD fully lives for ~9 months only. And most of people who bought BF in past realize that difference.

    Only thing which EA still understands is that people like games.

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