Daniel_K Audigy Support Pack 5.0 (05/01/2014)

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    Latest update for Audigy. Thanks DK.

    Included in the pack:

    - Audigy series driver 3.01.0039 (Windows Vista or later) - [actually an Audigy 5/RX driver]
    - Audigy series driver 2.09.0016 (Windows XP)
    - ALchemy 1.44.00
    - Audio Console 1.40.00
    - DDL and DTS Connect License Activation 2.00.03 (*)
    - Dolby Digital Live Pack 3.03.08 (*)
    - DTS Connect Pack 1.68.75 [1.05.00 modified] (*)
    - EAX Console 3.00.56 (Windows XP only)
    - EAX Settings 1.30.00 (Windows Vista or later)
    - Feature Mode Selection Utility 2.10.07
    - Graphic Equalizer 2.10.01
    - MediaSource DVD-Audio Player 2.00.78
    - SoundFont Bank Manager 3.21.02
    - Speaker Calibrator 1.60.14 (Windows XP only)
    - Speaker Settings 2.10.05
    - Surround Mixer 4.00.76 (Windows XP only)
    - THX Setup Console 2.20.08 (Windows XP only)

    (*) Purchase and activation required, more info at http://buy.soundblaster.com.

    Fixes and improvements:

    - Installation now customizable, select what you want to install.
    - New integrated Post Driver Install Helper tweaks the driver without tampering certificate.
    - CMSS2 is now available.
    - OpenAL 64-bit support.
    - Dolby Digital Live now works on Windows 8.1 (update 1). Creative Audio Service was not being installed on that OS.
    - Special FX, Advanced EQ, Studio and Custom presets now available on Windows Vista or later.
    - Audio Console does not crash anymore on non-English localized installs. Localized resources for Online Karaoke tab were missing; added mostly localized Korean and Chinese (Traditional) resources.
    - Online Karaoke page is available for all Audigy cards on Windows Vista or later; this is NOT a new feature, but an easier way to configure the Microphone.
    - EAX Settings for Windows Vista or later includes EAX Studio, a fancy version of EAX Control Panel, no changes in functionality, except the Test button now works.
    - Added fully localized Korean and Chinese (Traditional) resources for EAX Studio, which were missing.

    Undocumented fixes by Creative

    - Headphone mode now sticks and does not revert automatically to Speakers mode on Windows Vista or later.
    - Special FX, Advanced EQ and Studio presets were not working on Windows Vista or later.

    Supports the following Sound Blaster cards

    - Audigy
    - Audigy 2
    - Audigy 2 ZS
    - Audigy 4

    For Audigy SE/LS/Value and Live! 24-bit cards, click here for a compatible version.

    Supports the following
    32/64bit systems:

    • Windows 8/8.1
    • Windows 7 SP1
    • Windows Vista SP2
    • Windows XP SP3

    Does this driver improve sound quality or performance Are there any tweaks ?

    No, this driver does not improve sound quality nor increase performance.


    Release Notes:

    Driver uninstall on Windows Vista or later

    The included driver for Windows Vista or later has a bug that causes a stop (blue screen) error when unloaded by disabling the Audigy or uninstalling the driver.

    To workaround this issue, run the KillDrv.exe utility included and restart when asked to do so. Proceed normally and uninstall all the software or only the driver.

    If you have previously installed the Audigy 5/RX driver, you MUST run this utility.

    As the KillDrv verify the driver version installed, running it won't do any harm, even if the driver version is not affected.


    - Configure all settings and shutdown. Your settings will be saved.

    - This does not work if you disable Fast startup permanently or temporarily (by holding the Shift key while shutting down).

    OpenAL 2D benchmark in RightMark 3DSound crashes your system

    The included driver for Windows Vista or later has a bug that crashes your system if you run the OpenAL 2D benchmark using 63 buffers.
    No problem With 62 or fewer buffers.

    OpenAL 3D and OpenAL 3D + EAX benchmarks are not affected.

    Details: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL (0x000000D1) - ctoss2k.sys

    There is no DirectSound hardware acceleration on Windows XP 64-bit (x64) with 4GB RAM or more

    The Audigy driver does not support 64-bit addressing, disabling the DirectSound hardware acceleration and causing multichannel sound to be played only in the stereo channels (front left/right).


    - install the 32-bit (x86) version of Windows XP.
    - limit to less than 4GB the amount of RAM available to Windows.
    - enable the "Memory Hole" setting in the BIOS Setup, if your motherboard supports it.
    - install and use Creative ALchemy to convert the DirectSound API calls into OpenAL, which is not affected by this issue.

    Karaoke effects make the audio play in mono

    On Windows XP you can avoid this issue by using EAX Console to enable Karaoke effects. Audio Console is affected by the issue.

    On Windows Vista and later, follow the steps below.

    Open EAX Settings, select a Karaoke effect, then click the Edit button.

    Click on the Source (Wave) tab and change the Original sound to 100% and Pitch Shift to 0%. Click the Save environment button.

    Repeat the steps for all Karaoke effects.

    These changes will be valid only for the current speaker configuration. If desired, repeat the same process for each speaker configuration.

    Using other devices to output the DDL or DTS Interactive encoded audio

    Only for Windows Vista or later, you can use any "SPDIF/HDMI Out" from HD Audio, PCI or USB device to output 5.1 encoded audio.

    To expose all SPDIF/HDMI Out devices to Audio Console, run the EndPtUtl.exe in the Audio Console installation folder.

    Enabling the DTS Interactive encoder with Encoder Switcher utility

    Purchase and activate the Dolby Digital Live Pack.

    Run the EncSwtch.exe utility in the Audio Console installation folder and follow the instructions.

    Always disable the Encoder before you switch to a different one and always close Audio Console before you switch the encoder.

    MediaSource DVD-Audio Player system requirements

    - 32-bit edition of Windows XP or later

    - any Audigy 2, Audigy 2 ZS or Audigy 4 card

    Built-in Decoder on Windows Vista or later

    To use the built-in decoder, make sure it is enabled in Audio Console.

    Select "SPDIF Out (Creative SB Audigy (WDM))" as the output device of your player and then configure the AC3/DTS filter to send the stream through SPDIF.

    When you restart your computer, the Tone settings (Bass and Treble) are not applied.

    Just readjust one of the controls one time per boot.

    Equalizer and EAX effects are not available when using OpenAL or ALchemy

    Only Tone (Bass and Treble) and CMSS 3D (CMSS, CMSS2 and Stereo Surround) features are available.

    There is no sound in games with OpenAL support

    Disable Advanced EQ and Special FX by selecting "No effect" before running the game or program.

    Equalizer settings are not applied after using OpenAL or ALchemy

    After you run a game with OpenAL support or using Creative ALchemy, the Equalizer settings are applied.

    Just run Equalizer and the saved setting is loaded automatically.

    Tone settings are lost when speaker configuration is changed

    Bass and treble settings reset to their default values when speaker configuration is changed.


    Filename: Audigy_SupportPack_5_0.exe
    File size: 91 MB
    CRC32 hash: AE21DE19
    SHA- hash: BBF09D4A72DC5CC7659F15DDEDB5342A74AC7DF3
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    Man, Audigy is pretty old, so are the OSes, but thanks for the nice post.
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