Cyberpunk 2077 PC Users Report Non Fixable Save Game Corruption Issue

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Dec 21, 2020.

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    Something tells my CyberPunk will become a verb. Dude you have been CyberPunk'ed.
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    Yeah, but i mean more like, if you are not aware this bug is in the game and you are playing for like 40hrs then it goes corrupt.
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    It's a very nasty bug indeed, and isn't helping to give the game good rep.
  4. Irenicus

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    Show us screenshots or it didn't happen. I find you quite incredulous since you're the only person reporting this and CDPR are definitely not that kind of company. It is sold as open-world, as was Witcher 3 and no employee ever said it wasn't one. If they did, they were some idiot employee who got fired most likely.

    There's fanboys and then there's hateboys. You fall into the latter category and sound like a fanboy of your own bullshit.

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    I'll remember it as the point when the audience had fully grown-up and the devs faced the reality that our expectations had increased a lot. Stupid bugs were no longer just a given or accepted. However, for us PC gamers, it's giving us a vision of the future where games will get so uncanny that any glitches/errors will not be acceptable anymore.

    Imagine watching a film and it glitches at 3 points in the film, that wouldn't be acceptable at all (sorry vhs). Eventually I think there will be quality-control based laws for videogames that will demand the game must be fixed or refunded for game-breaking problems.
    It's been going on too long, and I especially hate it when multiplayer elements of games is deliberately broken.

    After all that though, I do believe CPR will actually fix Cyberpunk on PC and that we're probably 2yrs away from that polished version, which has all dlc and multiplayer.
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    This save thing is way over dramatized. Those that have experienced this and nailed it down to 8MB or over are not the typical player. Have a very hard time believing they are when not even an ounce of how large their inventory was, what level and street cred they were, and the amount of hours they put into the game before reaching said 8MB. All that is said is that it will. I believe that. Currently at level 36 did several more side missions and gigs. Save file is at 4.6MB now. How many different items and at what volume does one need to posses to reach 8MB? This sounds more like a cpu vulnerability that one needs direct access to the terminal to take over a machine kind of thing. Something that exists but is very unlikely to happen unless deliberately trying to do so.

    EDIT: There is a reason why the multiplayer aspect was not released. We see it based on the condition the single player version is currently at.

    EDIT 2: All I can say is that Division 2 and its DX12 quirkiness forced me to iron out instabilities I did not know existed since the rig passed all kinds of stress tests. That is what I feel is why I have not suffered the vast majority of these reported glitches. So Thank you Division 2.
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  7. anticupidon

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    You can't lose or break saves in Cyberpunk 2077
    If you didn't bought the game and haven't started playing it.

  8. bobblunderton

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    DX12/Vulkan removes the bottle-neck of single-threaded DX11 draw calls, causing the game to load the GPU much more solidly. In DX11 and below, only a single core is used to feed all the draw / render calls to the GPU for the hardware on the graphics board to then render what the CPU just told it to. This is done thousands of times or more per frame, many frames a second. So with DX12 and Vulkan and appropriate coding, this limit is removed and is exponentially higher (with higher-end high-core-count CPUs), thus allowing the crafting of much more expansive open worlds. Since the CPU's single-core speed / ability is no longer a bottle-beck you then load the GPU much more readily and solidly and thus it can show some more rare or otherwise edge-case instabilities that of which would not be otherwise obvious with a short benchmark time-limited benchmark. DX11 *CAN* do limited amounts of multi-threaded rendering / draw calls but it is the exception rather than the rule.
    It's the biggest reason you should buy mostly just DX12 / Vulkan software / games to run on your recently-built up-to-date gaming PC, vs older DX11 titles that wouldn't be able to fully take advantage of modern hardware. Having a DX12 or Vulkan WRAPPER for the game is not the same as native DX12 / Vulkan code, btw.
    Such examples of DX11 draw calls causing CPU bottle-necking are but are not limited to the following:
    Fallout 4 downtown Boston area, and near the Corvega factory roof. Also other built-up areas in-game but less-so VS downtown.
    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, but a patch to DX12 should be expected in early 2021 / before mid-2021.
    Some modded maps for BeamNG Drive such as my own Roane County and Los Injurus map mods. Italy and 'West Coast' stock game maps do this a little bit. Optimizations are planned.
    There are many others but this was just the top three. Many open world games tend to do this readily however, so don't be shocked if you know of some more already.

    Draw call limitations on DX11 and below are one of the most limiting factors influencing game-world design, so it's good we have ways around this with DX12 and Vulkan.
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    nothing you just wrote is relevant to what closeau wrote.
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    If DX12 takes more advantage of hardware, moreso than DX11, the system will be taxed more, and maybe, just maybe, make your "I think this is stable" overclocks not so stable.
    I think it is relevant.
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