Cyberpunk 2077 has more than a million active players every day

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Oct 20, 2022.

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    If you have played to all the games in the past (real RP game without computer) then you will love it.
    You will find everything that make the success of the licence.
    The story have change a little bit with recent update, when the main mission is still the same.
    Main mission make the story short, so i invite you to do the side quest that are awesome.
    Also there si no happy end, only many grades of bitter end (as any CyberPunk things :) ).

    Most bug are solved (on other hand most of them where on console only) and the driving is now arcade (but you can put back the more realistic old one with mod)
    and yes there are still some few one but not like you see on video on the net, most of the video were from beta and day one footage with lot of bashing to monetise the view...
    Also, from my experience, buy it on GOG lot less bug than on any other game portal (my son have it on steam and i have it on GOG).

    A good game is a game that you still play after finished many time, and it fit well this game despite being perfectible.
    And about the Edgerunner on TV, it is a bit like eating a vegan burger: it's good, but something missing in it...
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    I bought it on Steam (so PC version) once it went on sale. I played it all the way through and LOVED it. Great story and fun graphics and game play. I enjoyed it so much I started another playthrough which is not something I normally do. I did not encounter any significant bugs or glitches. I think it was version 1.5 I was playing on at the same and they have rev'd it significantly since then.
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    I generally wait 3 years before buying games nowdays (singleplayer).
    They are cheaper, work better, have mods, GPUS can run them at highest settings even with non-top of the line hardware....
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    Some controls are locked. There are also essential control features missing, like Toggle Walk and Toggle Aim. I don't know if they have added the least, but it was not available until patch 1.5 or so.

    The problem is, that the game is fully generated to be played on consoles (Bugs on consoles were another matter and has nothing to do with this) and the PC version is a quick-and-dirty port of the console version, without much optimization for PC capabilities besides game-engine related features. I know this is common for most multi-platform games, but we all expected that CDPR could do it better especially after overhyping the game before it was released.
    Thus some control features are missing and some are locked. Also menu and screen real estate is very bad since they didn't care to optimize it for PC controls.
    It's kind of ironic, since CP77 is claimed to be a very high budget game and yet they skipped so many workloads that could have improved game accessibility. Obviously most of their money was spent for marketing and advertising, not game development.
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    I bought it on release and didn't play it due to the problems. After patch 1.5(something), I gave it a go and had a huge amount of fun. I've done 3 play throughs and now thinking about doing one more with some of the new stuff. My first play through, I didn't do any research on builds and such, just played it without checking forums to get an idea of how it works, and had a great time. The other 2 play throughs I planned out what I was going to do. The highest difficulty isn't difficult enough when you optimize. I'm really looking forward to the expansion, and hopefully a new CP game in the future. It's a terrific universe and I imagine they can make it more immersive.
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    I've played it through to end game twice already. It's the only larger game I can say that about in maybe a decade. Most games, even ones I like, I can't even seem to finish. I had occasional crashes to desktop and there's a few things I wish were different mechanically, but otherwise, it was pretty great and very fun.
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