Cyberpunk 2077 and Witcher 3 stolen source code leaked online

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jun 7, 2021.

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    I predict no real consequence from this.. Mostly it will be easier to make hacks for those games, but as they are single player games it makes little sense..
    It's also not like it's much interest of any of the players..
    The only reason the hackers wants to release it is to get praise for prooving they were able to hack a server - oooh, how amazing... Now I'm back to playing games, which CDPR happens to be really good at making imo. :D
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    First the source code is an Intellectual Property (I.P.) and that is the equivalent of real property in all countries (except China who thinks it all came from them in the first place). Therefore receiving it is the equivalent of a United States Felony(receiving stolen property). Any media outlet that publishes any story based on this can be sued by the originating company on those grounds for not only the immediate damages incurred but also for future damages up to a period specified in the local countries laws. So anyone caught in possession of it can be charged with those felonies. Any media outlet can be charged along with any and all journalists that have it from those companies.

    Second Information Security is the last thing to get any budgeted money but the first one to get blamed when any data breaches occur. Maybe this event will cause some of the software developers out there to re-think their priorities where it comes to their security and them installing another piece of playground equipment in their office spaces.
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    I predict hearing about arrests in a couple of years from now about this.
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    Well, they'd wait around 5-10 years after the game was out to release the source. Not 6 months. The disaster could lie in the technological basis, but of course now games are so much more complex than 20-30 years ago, where the entire rendering engine for a game was made by one guy in 6 months or 2 guys in a year or so.
    So there'll probably not be a massive issue for the company that their technology is available like this, in the sense of it being abused or copied to make something akin to it. Everyone in the big space are already making games on this scale.
    So mainly now it's probably the image issue that comes with having your data stolen.

    Also I seriously doubt that the current IDsoft will want to release the Doom 2016 source. Even in 5 years.
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    Probably the most accurate comment here.
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    To be honest after playing the game I couldn't see how they planned to implement a multiplayer in the game at least not one that wouldn't be anything other than a below standard FPS shooter. The open world isn't engaging enough to allow them to implement a free form GTAO style gameplay and the gameplay itself isn't complex or engaging enough to be, as I said, a below par FPS shooter.
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    Nothing, as they have changed a lot of code to fix a lot of bugs and make the source leaked useless...
    Not a so naive question but a logical question.
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    something they often repeat in Level1Techs videos : when you've been hacked and something is leaked, you don't know what else has been compromised or stolen nor if the attack was the only one to have access, other parties might have benefited from the breach

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