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  1. Locke128

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    What are the real names for the guns in CS? The mod or Stand-alone? Or neither? Or a combination? I know they are both close. THNX
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    All the weapons in CS are real. Everything about them is real (except some things the mod team changed... i.e.-accuracy, penetration, kill ratio). Even the names for the weapons are real.
  3. MumblyJoe

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    well, if you bought the retail the names of the guns are different.. the Desert Eagle is called "Magnum" and such in the retail, i remembering seeing a patch that changed all the names to the real ones
  4. rednas2001

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    yes, for example : my friend has retail and i have the mod,<br>
    with the retail the name of a gun is <b>bullpup</b>and with the mod it is <b>steyr AUG</b>, and the real name is steyr aug, ya see ?

  5. Locke128

    Locke128 Guest

    That's what I thought. It's just I've heard of a Meyer Bullpup in other games before.(console, mostly) But I know Desert Eagle, Glock, Mac-10, M4, etc. are the real names. So I was just wonderin'. Are the manufacturer's names are real, too?
  6. crapshot

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    The names in teh MOD version are correct - to change the retail version get someone with the mod version to mail you the titles.txt file from their cstrike folder.<br>
  7. crapshot

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    DOH - cant even type my own name now<br>

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