Crytek employee says Playstation 5 will win, Xbox Series X has bottlenecks

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Apr 7, 2020.

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    To bold: How many GB/s have been streamed in that flight? Just throw a number then count seconds. And tell me how big data volume for those few seconds are. And approximate size of game that will use such assets to have consistent image quality.

    To underlined: It is loading screen. It may be pretty, but it is loading screen. Nobody cares if he is in mid dimension for 1.5 seconds or 3 seconds before jumping out of it to next world. Especially since PC can get all those assets for such pre-scripted series of jumps into memory in advance as there is huge amount of time between worlds. (And then swap it from system memory to video memory in fraction of time PS5 can do from storage.)

    To the rest, you talk those fantasque data volumes which have to be swapped in and out at high pace and very often... to create need for more total available system memory which is like 3.5 times higher than available memory for game assets in PS5.

    What's benefit of game that just pukes 40GB of data (PC example you referenced to) on screen in few seconds and then goes for other data again?

    (Because problems you want to hint will not happen in case data required for next frame are in Video memory. Neither it will be problem if given data are in system memory. So game will run into troubles only in case all precached data are good for nothing. But wait. Does your fps tanks when you do not have all data ready or does game renders with lower LoD materials? If there are no LoDs on PC version, would not it be artificial problem going against best practices for PC game development? Creating problem for sake of having problem?)

    And is loading and dumping multiple GB/s going to make gameplay any better? More interesting?
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    This system will be held back by whatever it's weakest link is. No amount of SSD voodoo is going to change that.
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    No one can give you any current example, not even that UE5 demo which has been said to run on a mid/high end laptop just fine.

    What we are saying is that with consoles now using this sort of tech where they haven't before it could lead to new ways of making games as all console developers try and find ways to squeeze every last drop of performance out of the hardware. To be honest, its these kind of ideas and "out of the box" thinking that has brought us many new techniques over the years as they are confined to a small box with one set of hardware and not able to brute force it like on the PC platform.
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