Crysis 3 Beta... Bugs, Issues, and Glitches

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    If this belongs in the Crysis 3 thread I apologize. I want to start a discussion that focuses strictly on the beta's graphical issues, bugs, and other glitches. That is, after all, the spirit of a beta test!

    I'm playing on a system with a 3770k, SLI GTX 680, 750 watt corsair PSU, and a Mpower "Big Bang Mobo". My drivers are 313.96 and I'm using the Crysis 3 profile through Nvidia inspector to make SLI work.

    I've played far too much already (around 7 hours... I legitimately have the flu and am home from work :puke2:). My overall experience with the beta has been good. I have come across two troublesome issues however.

    The first is that the game has crashed to the desktop on 3 occasions. The driver doesn't crash, the application process simply disappears. All of my temps are good (680s are under 60 and proc is under 50)... PSU is good.. I've run intel burn test extreme multiple times and 3dmark11. Never experienced this issue with any other games.

    The second is a weird texture issue. In some parts of the game my textures will be outlined in an ugly yellow. If I turn slightly the nice clean textures pop into view. Turn back and the textures are outlined in yellow. Take a look at these screen shots to see what I'm talking about...


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