crossfireX slower than Single card EAH 6950

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    hi i have EAH6950 and it runs Fine On 3x 24" monitors. Two Are displayport one is hdmi/dvi Adapter connected.

    i experienced first disappointment when set up crossfireX and seeing less than one fps in Game Intro and menus Not even able To Start it or load something up. that happened in every dx9,10 and 11 games. Not in opengl As DOOM3. Well last don't seem To use crossfire.

    if i disable eyefinity in crossfirex and Run Game On one of displayport Connection it runs smooth. If i try hdm Monitor it lags like hell. what is wrong? i now ordered a displayport=>hdmi Adapter from Amazon.

    catalyst is up To Date Windows 8 x64

    any suggestions for My issue?

    it never Happen with crossfire disable or Single card. used eyefinity about a year
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    Maybe something who can help you

    Anyway, have you test the second card ? or try switch them ? When you run with HDMI it is wired on the same card of the DP ?

    When you run Crossfire with or without Eyefinity, do you use the first card as display output ? ( and so HDMI on the same card ? )

    Allways uninstall the AMD drivers when installing the new card ( anyway the first time you install the card ).. could happend some beaviour with the driver, i have never get the problem but some describe it )


    In addition i have find you this article in case you maybe need more infos
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