Crossfire problems with HD5770

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    Sapphire HD 5770 1GB x2

    Im trying to setup 2x 5770 on my system (im adding a 5770, already had one)

    I installed both cards using 2 PSU connectors that were avalaible (i could also use PCI E modulable connectors on my PSU but it seems i already have those connectors so i dont really need to add them)

    When i started my computer, the card was detected and installed succesfully.
    I tried playing CS GO and i noticed it was were at high wich is not surprising but it was unplayable...i put them to low (as it was before with just one card) and still i was laggy (ex: when in front of smokes mouse is shaking because of lag and i cant even aim) i never had this problem before.

    I decided to flash bios and also upgrade cataclyst to version 14.501.
    Problem is still there, it changed nothing.

    I tried Black ops 2 and i have the same issue, it worked better with just one card!

    Here are my computer specs:

    i7 860
    Intel board DP55WG
    2x sapphire radeon 5770 1GB (no OC)
    4GB Kingston hyper X 1600 ram
    Thermaltake purepower 750 watts PSU
    1tb Sata WD

    What's wrong there? CPU too weak?...memory not enough ?...

    Here is a link to what i was expecting with this setup...for now my setup gives me worse performance than just 1 5770 :bang:,1.html

    Please help me ! :p


    edit: i use a 24 inches HP elite display monitor *E241i and i play in 1920x1200
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    Perhaps the new HD5770 is damaged? Maybe you could try with one HD5770 again - but use the new one only? That would test if the new HD5770 is performing O.K. or not?
    I guess that your PSU is powerful enough, as on this website:
    they wrote "(600 Watt and two 6-pin connectors for AMD CrossFireX™ technology in dual mode)".
    Your MOBO should also be O.K., as on this website:
    they wrote "Nvidia SLI* and ATI CrossFire* technology support (...)".
    Concerning memory - I do not know... My previous PC had 2xHD4870 in Crossfire and I had 8 GB or RAM. But I doubt that CS:GO would require more than 4 GB ?
    I guess you already tried older drivers (like 2 year old drivers for example)? Sometimes old drivers make miracles for old cards - fixing the main issue and causing few less irritating ones :)
    Good luck!

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