Creative Sound Core 3D Windows XP 32bit driver quest

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    im searching for Creative Sound Core 3D, i want to know, if exist because of retro gaming, there is not problem with all Realtek HD MB, but i want to buy some Gigabyte a there all with Creative Sound Core 3D - at least all X99 which i like.

    I need some real Windows expert, i know there is nothing like official Creative driver, but when i downloaded drivers package and extracted it, it looks like that drivers maybe could be used with XP - in inf files is as target OS Chicago - what means universal without and installer at least could be started on XP.

    Its there is someone with GB board and 10 minutes of time, some retailer, who could just try install OS and Audio driver? I would really appreciate it, i know sent or buy you some game key as thanks.

    Inf extracted from Win7 driver:
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