Creative Geforce2GTS....Trouble :-(

Discussion in 'ATI Tray Tools Generic Discussion' started by JeZuZ(G0dSquad), Feb 28, 2002.

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    Ive had this card over a year now and depending on what m/b i put it on it gives me JIP.When starting it up on my Abit KA7-133(850athlonSLOT)it allways needs reseting as it just gives out ---/-/- system beep and it gives me no bios (or gfx details)...then i hit reset and it all boots fine.Till recently.Ive just reinstalled and every time i reboot i get a Windows Protection Error-Restart the machine :-(.when i do it prompts for safemode.I go in,set the gfx and monitor to default,reboot and it gets in fine.then when i next reboot i get the WPE msg again.<br>
    When i put it on my Asus A7M266 (1200 t/bird) it boots fine BUT i cant get it going in games (HL) just gives crashes b4 the console has completely disapeared from the screen-i try a full re-installe of win98se and no dif.i used the via's of the cd and the new 4.37a(?)and the 23.74(?)dets and also older dets.<br>
    This is what brings me here......shall i try the BIOS editing biznizz ????

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