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    Hi guys,<br>
    I read reviews on both speakers set,and i realized that CREAIVE DTT3500 5.1 DOLBY DIGITAL<br>
    SPEAKERS Has the best audio quality<br>
    ever but the KLIPCH PRO MEDIA 4.1 have more horse power...i mean 400 watts RMS is<br> they give you their peak performance?or after a specific volume level <br>
    I will hear some distortion...<br>
    400 watts RMS against 100 watts approx, for about the same price of 300$.<br>
    THX 4.1 vs DOLBY DIGITAL 5.1...which one gives you the best audio quality when watching DVDs.<br>
    Which one of these two sets do you recommend guys...?<br>
    My PC SPECS:<br>
    INTEL 800 MHZ PIII E<br>
    INTEL 440BX2 V MOBO<br>
    128 MBPC-100 SD-RAM<br>
    VOODOO 3 3000 AGP (not o/c)<br>
    SB LIVE! value<br>
    CREATIVE iNFRA52X AudioXcel<br>
    CREATIVE 8432 CD-RW<br>
    17" MONITOR<br>
    GENIUS PCI ethernet card <IMG SRC="smileys/confused.gif"> <IMG SRC="smileys/confused.gif">
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    go for the Creative, 400 watt RMS IS WAY TOO MUCH to enjoy a movie...100 watt / channel is plenty to enjoy it
  3. WeaZel

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    <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:<HR>Originally posted by Ice Cold:<br>
    <b>go for the Creative, 400 watt RMS IS WAY TOO MUCH to enjoy a movie...100 watt / channel is plenty to enjoy it</b><HR></BLOCKQUOTE><br>
    hhahah it's not 400W/'s 60 a sattelite and 160 for the sub. for watchin'DVD's i'd go with a 5.1 setup 1st if you're a gamer like me then go for the klipsch like i did. they kick ass. the sattelites use the same technology that their home stereo speakers use and yes the kick ass also!! they use a horn tweeter as opposed to a cone tweeter in most other speaker sets. you'll have a hell of a time blowin' one of these sats did i mention that each sat handles 60W!?! i'd sway away form the creative 5.1 there's better 5.1's out there for less coin........i'll get back to you on which ones.<br>
  4. Actually, there are 2 80W subs in the Klipsch's enclosure. <IMG SRC="smileys/biggrin.gif"> <br>
    I would definitely choose the Klipsch speakers. Just from listening to the 2 sets separately, then together, you can tell the difference.<br>
    Oh, the Klipsch's only distort @ max volume w/ the old version speakers. The newer model has a much more refined crossover and improved response on the sat speakers.<br>
    P.S. How does your Creative 8432 work? Mine couldn't recognize any type of CD that I put in it, even after a firmware update that was supposed to correct the problem.

  5. LemonTea

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    wouldn't you prefer to watch DVDs on like a full size TV? Don't know about you, but i'd much rather watch on a 37inch TV with 180watt Sony Theatre System as opposed to a 17inch monitor and DTT 3500. Of course i haven't tested out either system... but thats just my presumption!<br>
    still, get the Klipsch! THX approval!
  6. Renegade87

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  7. WeaZel

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    Yeah people who watch DVD's on their pc are kinda offense.<br>
    But seriously......a tv vs a 17-19 inch monitor. do you got a couch for a computer chair?<br>
  8. A_Monk

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    I've got a couch as my computer chair <IMG SRC="smileys/knock.gif">
  9. David Deed

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    I thought watching TV and what not on your computer replaces your small 13" TV in your dorm room that takes up space.
  10. Des2000

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    <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:<HR> still, get the Klipsch! THX approval! <HR></BLOCKQUOTE><br>
    THX certification is a fine standard, but one should also recognize that it is a license. There may be several alternatives of equal or better (spec and sound) quality that do not have the THX certification, simply because the designer/manufacturer decided not to pay the extra bucks for the THX logo.<br>
    A similar situation occurs in the home theater/stereo industry where elite, specialty pieces costing upwards of $10,000 do not have THX certification -- but do produce a persuasive reproduction of a live performance.

  11. The Jian

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    You would be completely INSANE to spend $300 on anything but Klipsch. As an owner and seller of a ton of speaker systems I know. For the money the klipsch can't be beat. The creative speakers are WEAK. PERIOD. For $300 I want to fire a rocket launcher and be knocked into the neighbors yard when it hits <IMG SRC="smileys/smile.gif"> Oh and I want it to sound totally clear/crisp while doing it. You get that with Klipsch. No matter which model you choose. If your really after 5.1 then get the 5.1 version of klipsch's arsenal. If you can get something better for the same money why should you settle for creatives crappy speakers? <br>
    Some would say 400 watts is too much. But I think you'd find 89watts NOT ENOUGH. You'll end up playing it at levels that cause that THD to kick in. With the klipsch I find that a RACK system is useless now, and I get absolutely NO DISTORTION where I like to listen to them (which happens to be about 200watts or so...). I can't even get to the sound levels I want with a creative solution. On top of that it (3500's) comes with THD of 10% if I remember correctly. Which is a level that is unacceptable to ALL HUMANS. If your a big time online gamer you'll appreciate hearing a guy walking a few rooms away. Talk about an early warning system. People with crap speaker sets are at a definite disadvantage against klipsch enabled pc's.<br>
    Note: the 4.1 system has two 6.5in woofers in it. Only the 5.1 (which you should be able to buy within a week or two probably) has the two 8in woofers in it. I just hope they stick to the $350 price that was bandied about a while back. The only place advertising it on the web is $459. OUCH. Hope they aren't right.
  12. crahak

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    Klipsch is the best, and it sound awesome. I bought a DTT 3500. 10% THD!!! Anybody that even think they can get NEAR THX cert, quit smoking that stuff! They're the WORSE! By the way: SB Live Platinum 5.1 and DTT 3500 for sale / trade (Herc Game Theater XP and Klipsch Speakers)
  13. Xemus

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    Its probably pretty common knowledge around here that im very partial to the Klipsch setup. With regards to sound quality.. hmm .. i dont watch DVD movies on my comp so i cant say what the sound is like on one of those but for games these puppies rock. Distortion is all but non-existant on the Klipsch setup. You rarely have to turn the bass up over the default setting. Even when I max it out and crank it up i still dont get any distortion. It just gets louder.. too loud in fact to effectively concentrate on some games. Not to mention *everyone* in all parts of the house can hear the Sub. My roomate has a Creative setup and i have had Altec Lansing setups in years passed. So far the Klipsch has blown the others away.<br>
    W00!!!!!!! my 100th Post!!!!! (yes i edited for that)<br><br><i>This message was edited by Xemus on 30 Jul 2001 07:43 AM</i>

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