Couter Strike Console problem

Discussion in 'Games, Gaming & Game-demos' started by Jeff, Oct 4, 2001.

  1. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

    When I hit the ~ key , my console will not open . Any ideas? I have the retail version of CS and all the cuurent updates. The game works fine, but I just cant get the console to open . I want to put in the "fps_max 100" command. thanks <IMG SRC="smileys/redface.gif">
  2. OZ

    OZ Guest

    You need to add -console to the end of the shortcut.
  3. Jeff

    Jeff Guest

    I don't understand. Please be specific. Thanks <IMG SRC="smileys/redface.gif">
  4. Rokujuuyon

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    change the shortcut so it has " -console" in the end. eks: "D:\gamez ii\half-life\hl.exe" -console.<br>
    oh, and congrats on being maha now <IMG SRC="smileys/wave.gif"> <br><br><i>This message was edited by mm64 on 04 Oct 2001 11:15 AM</i>

  5. WeaZel

    WeaZel Guest

    right click on your half-life/counterstrike icon.<br>
    go to properties<br>
    in the target line add -console<br>
    so it should read like this C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\hl.exe -console

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