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    ATI Radeon HD 4250
    Just started running RivaTuner 2.06 with lates gefroce drivers(163.75).I guess under hardware monitoring CPU0 is the pc usage.I have that running in the tray along with core temp.

    Are we suppose to be using the low level system setting? or the system twea ks for montiring stock temp with the fan in tray?

    Right now core temp shows 48 at fixed 31 fan speed.(low level system settings)

    Is there a simple link to set up fan control?I read it in a post but can't find it now.The one in Boogiemans link?

    What is a good fan speed everyone uses,is 60 or something I read.I want to get higher speeds as gets hotter and for pc to shut down when it boils.

    Running XFX 7600 Gt 256 DDR3 AGP.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    Figured it out
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