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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Ladyhawk, Jan 1, 2001.

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    Hi,<P>I just got a 45 Gig IBM Deskstar and after I configured it and installed all my files on it, my nephew (perhaps being smarter than I am) noticed that only 30 gigs were reported. D'oh! At first I thought I might be the victim of a bait and switch scam but after I considered this for awhile I realized that my BIOS might be outdated. When I first went to format and partition the drive through a program called DiscWizard by Seagate, the slider wouldn't go past a certain point, which leads me to believe that there was more space available on the disk than my system would let me use. <P>I have an Abit BM6 motherboard. I went to Abit's site and it reported that the BIOS version I was using was compatible with 40+ gig drives, although it didn't know the maximum because the largest drive at the time of this BIOS release was 40 gigabytes.<P>I snatched the latest update anyway and flashed my BIOS.<P>Unfortunately, I'm not sure the best way to go about figuring out whether I have a 30 gig hard drive or 45 gig. Now that I've formatted and partitioned, only 30 gigs (or so) are reported. Does the latest BIOS (BM6_TZ) support a 45 gig drive? It doesn't say whether or not it does on the site.<P>What's the best thing to do in my situation? If the drive is 45 gigs is there a way to save the information I've already loaded onto it using Partition Magic or some other utility?<P>Would fdisking and formatting in DOS mode be a better solution?<P>Any input would be appreciated.<P>------------------<BR>|_/\|)`/|-|/\\/\/|&lt;<P>--Why is there braille on drive-through ATMs?
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    There`s nothing wrong with your BIOS. But, there could be a few things. Exactly what model number is on the drive? The easiest way to figure out what capacity of drive you have is to look at the label on the top of the drive itself. Deskstars have it writeen at least twice. Once is in the model #, the second is an unadorned number below the model #, somewhere in the middle of the label.<P>Another thing you might try to do is to use IBM`s own Disk Manager (it`s greaaat!) to format the drive. You can find it on IBM`s website, <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> and be prepared with a blank, formatted 1.44MB floppy! I spent a couple of days trying to find one of those for my Deskstar...<P>Yet another possibility is that (and every other hard disk maker does, too) IBM`s PR team decided that a megabyte is 1000 bytes and not the 1024 bytes that the computer uses to calculate gigabytes. Which would make your 45GB drive end up around 36GB or so (35.8, I think), minus some change for formatting with FAT32. <P>That and the stuff you copied onto the drive probably left it with about 30GB. No sweat! That`s 30,000 megabytes still to go. Just delete some stuff once in a while, ok?<P>Brann Mitchell

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