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    The news was in the air, we had anticipated it on Twitter a few days ago , now it's finally reality: after years (and years), Microsoft has decided to release its intelligent assistant Cortana on the Microsoft Store ; this means that from now on it will no longer be necessary for Microsoft to release new builds of Windows 10 to introduce new features to the assistant, but simple updates via the Microsoft Store will suffice.

    At the time Microsoft has not communicated any official note , however we were able to identify the new application on the Microsoft Store, with its description, which we propose to follow:

    Save time and stay organized: Cortana helps you manage your daily activities so you can always be aware of what matters most. Cortana can support you by giving you reminders, keeping your to-do lists and helping you set timers and alarms.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If you are interested you can download, for free, Cortana - Beta from the Microsoft Store by connecting to the following link. However, for its correct operation, we assume you have to wait a few more days, just the time Microsoft announces the application and releases, we assume, a new Insider build suitable for this new application. However, we keep you updated


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    I'm going to delete this post because it literally does nothing, but I also want people to learn from this. Why post something like this? It does nothing for the topic, it only increases your post count.

    Let's not make posts like this please. Just as an example.
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    I expected this was to come when they split search and cortana.

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