Corsair Series 760T Graphite review

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Mar 27, 2014.

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    All I'm saying is that the 540 does not cool my 2x780gtx as well as the Hafx did, other than that the 540 air is a great case just not good for my non-reference cooled Asus gtx780 DC2OC cards.
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    Highly recommend this case if you want to show off your insides.

    I happened on a new, black 760T a couple days ago for $120 off a local seller. This is a fantastic case. I really liked the Corsair 750D case that I used for my daughter's build last year, but this 760T is even more stunning. The window is gorgeous and the ease of opening either side panel makes it fantastic to work in.

    It has 2 red case fans and a red power button so it inspired me to go all red with the aesthetics (my last setup was blue). I ended up blowing another $150 on 16gb of red ram, 1 more red case fan and a red LED version of my Zalman 9900MAX cooler (simply to swap out the blue fan it currently has). At least now my SoundBlaster Z, with it's twin red floodlights, as well as my red colored MSI 970, will have some company.
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    I wish id revisited this thread tail end of last year, as I went and got one!!

    Got mine in white, and by far the best case ive much space, and just looks beautiful....

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