Corsair Launches 4000 Series of Mid-Tower Cases

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Sep 15, 2020.

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    enthusiast ? more like future disappointed customers
    fans + aio rad so close they touch the memory sticks
    psu under the motherboard creating a no airflow heat pocket below the gpu
    20y old case design hard pass get a lian li dynamic xl

    be smart Corsair release a 5cm longer and higher 680x so we can actually have 140mm fans on top and bottom + an acceptable space for 1-2 liquid cooling radiators
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    This is literally most mid tower cases. All of them share this design. These aren't made for super high end thick radiators or custom loops, they're made for lower to mid tier AIO's and coolers. For the average 120mm to 240mm AIO that aren't very thick, these are more than enough space. For the PSU, it's in its own shroud which is designed to bring air from under it and exhaust the air out the back of the PSU. This isn't just budget cases doing this, this is most case designs from all different budgets and designs doing this. For $80, you can't complain too much considering if you're spending $80 on a case you're probably not going to put something like a 3900x that's going to require a thick 360mm rad just to cool it. You can't really compare it to a case like the Dynamic XL which is also $200, more than double the price and made to accommodate higher end hardware and needs.

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