Corsair Acquires ORIGIN PC

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. Hilbert Hagedoorn

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    Corsair is pleased to announce that it has acquired custom gaming PC leader ORIGIN PC. With a decade of experience in creating high-performance PCs, ORIGIN PC specializes in delivering hand-built, pe...

    Corsair Acquires ORIGIN PC
  2. vbetts

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    They posted on Tweaktown that Origin will remain a separate brand still, more or less this looks like Corsair dipping their toes in the prebuilt market.
  3. Denial

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    I think they dipped with the Corsair One - this seems to be a full on dunk. I'm not sure why though.. I feel like that market is extremely saturated and aside from the Corsair brand what exactly can they bring to differentiate themselves in it? I'd prefer they acquire a software house so they can make their drivers not be terrible.
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  4. MBTP

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    I was expecting a move like this from Corsair, really, still i'm worried about their future, lately the bland Cases, lack of innovation, unecessarily heavy software, makes me wonder if Corsair is somewhat confused about their focus.
    Origin PCs have been quite good on the design front, hopefully some inspiration will come from the Origin team.

  5. insp1re2600

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    love my Corsair x680 case i purchased a few months ago, agree the icue software is junk though, i guess bland looking did wonders for ikea, maybe it will for Corsair.
  6. Koniakki

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    I comes at no surprise and I would say that's a smart move from Corsair.

    Slowly will integrate/offer the Hydro X paarts in Origin's build thus moving more stock while Origin enjoys lower costs(and increased margins). And not to mentions the myriad other Corsair components(ssd's, ram etc) and peripherals they have..
  7. kakiharaFRS

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    corsair now offering pretty much everything with the best integration I saw (iCue) seems logical to me that they sold entire systems now

    iCue is junk ? have you tried thermaltake arock rgb stuff etc.. ? they are not even pre-alpha while with corsair I not only have graphs on memory temp psu temp power currents
    with a commander pro you can sound test your fans one after the other with your mouse, tweak the perfect speed at which they make low noise, change profiles with 1 keypress even including sound settings if you use their headphone stand soundcard etc...
    tell me 1 other company that does that ? I changed pretty much all non corsair parts to have all in one control panel, it has absolutely zero competition, none not even from dedicated single product lines that don't handle nearly as many peripherals
    p.s. disable the SDK option it's activated by default and that's what takes a lot of cpu at least on my computer (I went from 9% to 1,2%)
    you must not be using much of it's features to say that, it's heavy because it's the ultimate software of that genre in the entire pc industry, you can mix rgb themes make your own macros everything mouse,keyboard,aio,rgb,memory,psu the lot no one else does that much
    if they had the idea to team with a motherboard manufacter and or videocard AIO for total integration they would have zero competition as their icue handles everything in one control panel
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