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    Hello gurus!
    I don't try to make out of this the unpopular opinion trend, but here it goes.
    Modern lifestyle and modern cookware isn't always the best option outhere.
    I mean, a lot of people strive to eat healthy, follow a diet, and so on. But the elephant in the room is the cookware.

    What sense does it make if you cook expensive food on unhealthy cookware, with Teflon, aluminium, copper or ceramic coating?
    Before anything, the reality is that the above mentioned cookware is prone to chipping and once this is present, the metal or polymer poisoning is a real thing.

    Real iron skillet, medical stainless steel or glass is a better alternative.

    Why all of this? Because I had a long discussion with some friends on the health, diet and losing weight issues ( always pops up) and the unseen enemy is the cookware.
    O had to lay out my food list and the way I cook my meals, because some friend asked for it specifically. But we disagree about using cheap Teflon pans.

    So, being this the pub, we can talk and have our opinions about this.
    You're welcome to chime in!
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    True. I only touch ceramic coating with teflon. While one could presume that wooden tools would be healthier, they are harder and could possibly damage surfaces.
    Moment any surface shows signs of damage like cracks, it is ready for replacement.

    For me, personally, aluminium is not problem when properly coated (as health risk), but cooking with those is not fun. Because aluminium has low thermal capacity.
    Only aluminium cookware I have is part of this set .
    Considering that it has top heating and that I always "cook" meat, vegetables, ... which is floating in beer or other quality liquid, surface is fine and stable. (Surface in watery liquid can't reasonably exceed 100°C when heating element is above liquid.)

    When heat stability is needed, we here use thick cast iron. That's other traditional thing we use here.

    Glass in oven is biologically safest, but for some reason I do not trust glass with complex shapes due to tension in many paces and heat which will crack it one day in future.
    Marble plates have evil tendency to crack and break when heated unevenly.

    As for surfaces on frying pans or pots which get in contact with food.
    Teflon, copper, aluminium are no for me. Then there is general problem with soft materials that have any coating. Coating itself may be resilient, but due to soft metal under it, you'll have easy time scratching it anyway. (I guess that after some time, you could scratch aluminium pan coated in teflon with wooden tools.)

    So basically from modern things: stainless steel, glass kitchenware without coating.
    And other materials with ceramic coating or ensuring low temperatures with other coatings. But I would evade copper as I have no clue how it is even chemically stable.
    = = = =
    Years ago I put water and salt into pot, so I can make pasta. Shortly after, my priorities changed and I went out.
    2 hours later when I came home, salt at some 400°C or more reacted with surface of stainless steel pot. And I could smell a lot of iron from it.
    That was end of cooking life for this pot.

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