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Considering upgrading to 9800 pro - advice please.

Discussion in 'Videocards - AMD Radeon' started by Acumennous, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. Acumennous

    Acumennous Guest


    Ive ploughed through the forum and read alot of threads regarding the pros and cons of upgrading to the 9800 pro. Ive really noticed three things:

    Firstly I might not notice the difference, secondly can my PC actually handle the damn card :) and thirdly will the price drop.

    My specs:

    Pentium 2.7Ghz
    1Gig DDR Ram
    Geforce 4 Ti 4600
    Western Digital 120 Gb Hard Drive
    Gigabyte GA-SINXP sis 655 chipset AGP x8 mobo
    Antec True power 430V

    Currently I think my 3d card is slowing my pc down. So if I upgrade to the Radeon 9800 pro will I notice any difference, is my processor and power supply powerful enough to meet the demands of the card?

    The thing is, I want to be able to play D3 and HL2 to there full and atm my 3d card wont. It wont even run KOTOR at its full let alone Doom 3. I need a driect x9 3d card.

    Ive researched and think that a Sapphire 3d card would be the best bet. They seem to be a respecable make and people trust them.

    Lastly does anyone see the price dropping in the near future, like after xmas. I really think I need to buy the card before I go back to university (Jan 10th) and January sales and all. I dont want to buy it straight after xmas only then to find it drops in price a 100 quid.

    The best price ive found at the moment is this (and i trust ebuyer):


    There was a similar price at Komplett.co.uk aswell.

    I suppose the card will last me a few years if I did upgrade.

    Also the big question.. am I going in the right direction looking at radeons and not Geforce ?

    Thanks for any feedback / advice
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  2. Twinke Masta

    Twinke Masta Guest

    save the money and get a new rig next year a 9800 pro wouldn't give you everything...:rolleyes:
  3. Soilwork

    Soilwork Master Guru

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    Legend 8800GTS 640MB
    if you want to keep it a feew years then it is definately the card for you. as for price drops, the only people who can decide that are the retailers themselves. But trust me, you will notice a huge difference between that and your ti4600. I went from a ti4200 to a 9800non pro and it is scary how much of a difference there is, esp if you enable AA and AF. if you want to look at GeForce, only look at FX 5900 or better otherwise forget it. the 9800 still owns the GeForce FX with AA and AF though. your PC will handle it fine as well. My specs----------------------------------------------------------> and the 9800 I have runs plenty good
  4. funkymonkey

    funkymonkey Ancient Guru

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    GF 6600GT/ 6800GT went for RMA
    your system is more than enough to handle 9800 pro.
    Not a single bottleneck in there. You have good processor, good RAM and good powersupply. 9800 wont have any problem.

    9800 pro is definitely good card and is priced perfectly now.
    It will definitely last you till next X-mas and even beyond ( till Dx10 and logarithon comes )..
    9800 pro is huge improvement from GF4ti 4600 when you turn on AA and AF.
    you can play almost every game at 6XAA and 16X AF with full eye candy.

  5. Kleggas

    Kleggas Master Guru

    Likes Received:
    Hercules 9800 PRO 128Mb
    as for doom3, no idea how it will run (guess it will work great). Hl2 runs great with all graphics in game turned to max on a 9600pro (with AA/AF turned off) So I guess a 9800 PRO could run it with very high AA/AF settings.
  6. Grov

    Grov Guest

    What have i told you little n000b.....think.:rolleyes:

    A 9800pro would be a great card, My personal view is to wait. A Ti4600 can handle any current game with ease. If you can't your rig is the problem, as mine can.
  7. Acumennous

    Acumennous Guest

    Thanks alot for the replys. Most helpful.

    Firstly I cant afford a new rig :) So thats out of the question. hehe (dont think I needed one anyway)

    Im please most of you think its a good choice for an upgrade. My Ti4600 can run KOTOR on full wack, its just not smooth at times. It can jerk quite a bit and I really dont think a GF4 will be able to do HL2 or D3 justice... so thats why im here :)

    Does anyone think I should look at Radeon 9700's instead of 9800's. Or even 9600 xt ? Or do you think thats a bad idea... funkymonkey seems to think the 9800 will last a lloonnggg time which is exactly what I want. One thing really is that I cant find anywere that sells the 9700 range. Ebuyer doesnt, simply, dabs etc dont. The only place ive found the 9700 is on Komplett.co.uk for a higher price than the 9800 pro! which I found odd.

    The fact I cant find any place to buy the 9700 range is one of the reasons im looking into 9800 pro's. I was thinking about just the default 9800 card aswell but again cant find any place that sells it. It seems to be 9600 xt or 9800 pro or nothing.

    Also is there any real need for 256 instead of 128. I personally dont think there is the need for 256 yet! Anyone disagree ? The one on Ebuyer only has 128 ram.

    But good.. ill keep looking into it and see how much cash I get for xmas :)

    Oh yes one more thing, does anyone actually have that card from Ebuyer (the one I posted a link to) ? Out of interest.

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  8. Grov

    Grov Guest

    I didn't say you need a new rig, your rig is excellent, you just worded it, like you couldn't run games well, that's all.

    No point looking at a 9700, dabs i think sell the Hercules 9800pro for 250quid, and www.overclockers.co.uk has the same card for 251quid when i looked yesterday on offer. Definatly no point loking at a 9600Xt, only 9800pro or 9800XT in my view.

    If you botherd about it not doing HL2 and Doom3 justice, which is exactly what i think, isn't it better to wait tilll there actually out, or close to it? exactly what iam doing by the way!;)

    I just don't see the performance gap i want to, when im going to be spending over 200quid.

    Plenty of places sell the plain 9800.
    etc etc
  9. k4t4n4

    k4t4n4 Ancient Guru

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    I was thinking if I buy a new comp this christmas (HL2 will come soon by then too) will CS2 run smooth and not like now when even new PCs don't run CS good ^^.

    I just wan't to play CS2 at reasonable FPS dammit : ).
  10. Acumennous

    Acumennous Guest

    Yeah I see what you mean Grov with both not looking at 9700 downwards and waiting. The 9800 pro / upwards is definatly what ill get.

    When however is another thing :)

    Thanks again

  11. NIB

    NIB Master Guru

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    Upgrading your graphic card wont give you that many more max fps. You have a card that when it comes to raw power, its equal to 9800 pro. The only difference you will see is that you will be able to turn aa/af on without any significant perfomance hit.

    So you do get better IQ(image quality) but i doubt you will get a lot more max fps. IMO no1 with a geforce 4 ti should upgrade their card unless money arent a problem for them.

    Seriously you totally underestimate your card. Most ppl fall into the hype "Must get new generation card" but the thing is that new generation cards arent that much faster than previous generation cards. They just support things that older cards dont support. But there are no games that require those things(not in any mentionable degree at least).
  12. Djuice

    Djuice Guest

    pentium 2.7Ghz? Is that an overclocked CPU.. or a celery?

    Anywayz the 9800 PRO is a fast card.. and if you really want it then you'd get it... but otherwise get a different mobo.... your using a SIS655 which isnt great....
  13. Acumennous

    Acumennous Guest

    hmm interesting. Oh and my processor is actually 2.667Ghz, sorry. I just rounded it for some.. odd reason.

    I wasnt falling into the hype of a new card, I never do. In fact I find it funny how people upgrade there systems every month to have the latest hardware. A waist of money imo. The reason im thinking about a new card is the fact that next gen games will start to appear early in the year and that my pc cant do KOTOR on full wack. Atm im running it at 800 600 with everything on and it jerks. Now is it my 3d card thats causing it (the bottle neck) or have I just not got my pc running aswell as it should?

    Another reason im thinking about upgrading is I do alot of game art, making player models and maps etc as a hobby and I think a better card would help.

    I bought my mobo in the summer and it seemed like a good choice, lots of people recommended it and I think it will last a long time. I dont see that as a problem.

    Also its xmas time (plus my bday a week or so ago) and this is the only time in the year that I have the money to buy a new piece of hardware. Not to say I cant hold onto that money and wait for a few months. I just like to research this stuff :) hehe

    As with everything when it comes to new hardware you always get people who think its a great idea and people who dont.

    Also, i might be as thick as Baldrick here but, and im not very knowledgeable on this (thats why im here :)), the Gf Ti4600 is only a driect x8 3d card and the radeon etc are dx9. Now how much of a difference does that make. D3 and HL2, and even KOTOR as far as i know are designed to run on Dx9 arnt they.

    Could someone give me a tech lesson :)
  14. NIB

    NIB Master Guru

    Likes Received:
    Your rig should run kotor without any problem. Have you turned off antialiasing and anisotropic filtering(aa/af)? I am not familiar with the game(i dont own it) but judging from the screenshots, it doesnt look that demanding. Maybe there is some other problem with your rig.

    Can you run 3dmark 2001 with aa/af off and perfomance settings(on the graphic card menu)?
  15. Acumennous

    Acumennous Guest

    I am running KOTOR with aa/af off. It still jerks in large open areas with alot of characters on screen, otherwise its fine.

    My 3dmark 2001 score is 11777 which I dont think is bad. What is a decent score for my rig ?. AA is off on 3dmark.

  16. Grov

    Grov Guest

    I get over 14k, with the same vid card, check out my specs, id of though you should get higher. Maybe there's a problem there. What drivers are you using. Im gonna have a game of KOTOR tonight, so ill get back to ya.
  17. bilston

    bilston Member Guru

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    XFX 6800GT
    I upgraded to a 9800non pro from a 4600 and I can say it was worth it! Whoever said the 4600 matches the raw speed of the 9800 is wrong. I have it clocked at 412/350 which is near enough XT speeds. Every game I throw at it it handles with ease, and thats with full eye candy, 4xfsaa and 8xaf at 1024*768! I mean sub 80fps here, but I think that is amazing!

    Hope this helps
  18. Twinke Masta

    Twinke Masta Guest

    uhh clock speeds dont mean sh*t....
  19. WildStyle

    WildStyle Ancient Guru

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    MSI GTX 970
    well they do..... but i see what you're getting at. Other factors take a big part in how a card performs too, but im sure bilston knows that.
  20. NIB

    NIB Master Guru

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    Try running quake 3 with a 4600 and with a 9800 at 1024 with no aa/af and see what i mean. Anyway its a personal opinion thing. Sure 9800 pro is faster but is it fast enough to worth it? It all depends on the ammount of money that you are willing to waste on your computer and the requirements that you have from it.

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