Connect to a SOHO VPN best practice?

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    Hello gents!
    Need some input here-and i thank you in advance for your time and expertise.
    Need to set up a connection to a small office with 4 computers, each one has a different purpose and runs a different software, so i need to acces one of them, but not same one each time, not both on the same time.
    I have DynDNS Pro account with enough hosts, and i have a Ubuntu 14.04 server running inside that office as a file and Owncloud server.For now the server is connected to the internet just to update, no ports open for anything else.

    Option 1 : Install VPN server by Webmin, create a user+certificate and "expose" the LAN to the user from the internet
    Option 2: just set port forwarding to the IP-port-service needed and not bother
    Option 3 : install Open VPN and for each user create password+cert+ and install Open VPN client/create a VPN subnet with the features needed

    Well, i am open to suggestions, just it's been a while since i configured something like this, but i did it some while back, so i think i can follow some guides
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