Confusion on HDR and Shadowplay

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    The latest GeForce Experience update says it now supports HDR recording.
    However, it already did about a year back, then poof it was gone.
    BUT, I installed the new GFE and I still get the "Turn off HDR to take screenshots" or "Turn off HDR to record video" garbage as before.

    I have a 1080 and it DID record HDR video and screenshots about year and a halfback in Shadowplay.
    So, did they take it away from everyone a year ago, now only added it back for RTX owners?
    If so, that is absolute garbage and I will not be trying purchase a 3080 after this.

    How are the allowed to disable features in software, only to give it to new cards to sell their new cards?
    Isn't that bait and switch?

    Last question, does anyone know exactly what version I need to get back HDR Shadowplay recording?
    Best I can remember it was before GFE but I'm not 100% sure.

    Thanks for any help/insight.

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