confirmed how to run ati+nvidia in win7 -includes benchmarks and how to setup

Discussion in 'Videocards vs General Purpose - NVIDIA Ageia PhysX' started by damien666, May 17, 2009.

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    So only win7 x64 181.71 beta the only drivers that work ? ok its np though Cuda 2.2 will give more performance which some kind of screw out, nothing we can do to use 190.xx ?

    Why are you using ATI 9.4 instead of newest 9.7 ???!

    so i understand by simple follow up he physx will work everywhere right ?

    connect the 2 gpus, Ati on the PCI1 and Geforce PCIE2 (will Geforce 8800GTX G80 will work) ?!

    i have 2 monitors so my 24" will stay on ATI and my 22" will be on the Geforce, i make them Extended as on the NVIDIA 1st and ATI 2nd or only 1 Geforce Active ? entering the nvidia control panel and activate Physx, making 24" primary again and everything good ?
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    is this PhysX really be benefit? or just mere cool setup?

    does it really effects overall system performance and shoot up the graphics..

    and how come ati can be mixed with nvidia card?
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    Hardware PhysX is a benefit in games that supports such feature, and won't affects other one

    Yes, it add some extra effects in certain games
    Some comparison examples:


    Sacred 2

    Mirror's Edge

    It will run slower on single GPU with extra effects enabled (comparing to fps without additional effects), but much faster when those extra effects are simulated on CPU.

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