Computex 2017: ASUS ROG GTX 1080 Ti Posseidon Spotted

Discussion in 'Frontpage news' started by Hilbert Hagedoorn, Jun 2, 2017.

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    Why would anyone buy this?
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    Why not ? There are plenty of reasons:

    1) Not everybody likes the look of the slim single slot waterblocks. It makes your 900-950 euro(where I live) card look puny and less impressive : ))

    2) Its much easier to work with ? If your pump dies or anything else that takes your watercooling loop out of order you can still use the GPU on aircooling.

    3) Related to #1 is the fact that maybe you just like the look of it : ))

    4) Its much easier to resell and you loose less money than trying to sell a nieche waterblock for a specific model (unless you go with FE GPU and even then it not that easy as people who watercool tend to buy the latest GPU's, not older models)

    5) This point is smth that most people don't seem to comprehend at all: You DON'T need temps in the 40's for your GPU or for the other components on a GPU. They are meant to work at high temperatures and you don't get any benefit by overdoing it and lowering those temps by too much. All you need to do is keep your temps under 80*C so it doesn't throttle and do it with as little noise as possible. This Poseidon will keep your GPU under 60*C and that's all you need. Its not like you'll get better performance by keeping it at 40*C instead of 60*C. In the age these new nvidia GPU's where your max overclock is affected almost entirely by the silicon lottery there isn't much point to buying a waterblock for temps in the 40's :)
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    Except for one factor.....Longevity of the silicone will much greater over a period of time when the hardware stays at a much cooler temperature all around. Especially if that can be achieved with an undervolt over the factory preset.

    Temperatures are always something to want to keep as low as possible....hence huge intensive servers keep it all under sub-z or as close as possible.

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