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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Enozekun, Nov 22, 2009.

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    ASUS 8800GT
    Something is really wrong with my computer. And yeah, i know it's all old hardware but if possible i'd like to fix it as cheaply as possible.

    At first the stuttering only occured when i played games. As soon as i launched a game everything started stuttering like crazy. I tried everything i could think of; reinstalling video/audio-drivers and even reinstalling the whole computer. Nothing helped so i pretty much gave up. The stuttering came and went as it pleased so sometimes i could play for days without any issue and sometimes i couldn't do anything at all.

    Anyhoo, i barely play games on my computer anymore so i thought the problem was out of the world but then the stuttering started occuring when i was watching video. Now it even happens when i play music!

    The stuttering is hard to describe, but it's kinda like as if the audio and video goes into slow-motion for a second or two and the audio starts crackling. It comes and goes and it doesn't seem to be affected by anything i do.

    Any ideas on what's wrong? I've ran tests on my hard-drive and RAM and nothing showed up. To me it seems like the hard-drive is the culprit but i'm no computer techie. Worth noting is that i replaced this hard-drive just a couple of months ago, the old one broke and i had warranty (which i still do). I would like to locate the problem and try to fix it but i'm leaning towards just buying a new motherboard, RAM and CPU and be done with this crap :bang:
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    Check your PSU 12v Rail while your Video Card is under load, then come back with the results..
    I use Everest personally......actually you could also bench it with OCCT if you prefer.

    There's a 90% chance it's your PSU.
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    Overheating ?

    Reapply thermal paste to the CPU, clean the heatsinks,

    Bad RAM?

    Remove strips 1 by 1 see if it goes away

    Try a new Graphics card

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