Computer Crash playing Wolfenstein ET... nVidia driver problem?

Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce Drivers Section' started by TiTi, Aug 3, 2004.

  1. TiTi

    TiTi Guest

    I've updated to 62.20 drivers for the nVidia card, and ET also crashes. I checked the temperature again, and it was the same as before.

  2. TiTi

    TiTi Guest

    The difference in the crash now, is that ET is terminated by the OS. Windows pops up with a screen to terminate the offending app. That is a different crash than before. Perhaps the newer drivers cause this.

    But I'm beginning to suspect that something else is causing problems. Perhaps the onboard sound-card is not functioning correctly, although I've downloaded the latest drivers @ gigabyte site.

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  3. TiTi

    TiTi Guest

    The final crash wrecked my OS. After rebooting windows 'found new hardware'. I guess the 62.20 driver isn't stable yet.

    Perhaps I should try with older drivers, I don't know.
  4. Grendel_66

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    Go for the 61.77 -- works way better than the 62.XX for me.

  5. hohum

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    Start ET as normal, and at the menu before joining any server bring down the console and type:

    /pb_system 1

    Or if you're already using that setting, then try /pb_system 0.

    0 is the default. If you have tried this, my apologies - if you haven't, would strongly recommend you give it a go :)

    EDIT: Guess I better mention what it does - it changes how punkbuster scans your system for cheat apps etc. /pb_system set to 0 used to work ok for a while for me, but would occasionally lock with the sound looping as you mention. Hasn't happened since i've been using a setting of 1 instead.
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  6. Ph@ntom

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    Dude, have u tested your system with Prime95?
    Its an absolute MUST! Do the CPU and memory torture tests and determine from there whether those are causing your PC to crash...
  7. TiTi

    TiTi Guest

    Hi there guys,

    In the meanwhile, I've installed DOOM III and tested with that. It causes the exact same crashes! Also very unpredictable in timing.

    Also, I've tested every app (doom III, wolf ET) with 4 drivers:
    61.76, 61.77, 62.20 and finally 61.36 (WHQL).
    No matter what driver, these keep on crashing.

    About punkbuster: I've done a manual update (pbweb) to update my punkbuster client. No difference.

    I will try the Prime95 and see what that gives.

  8. TiTi

    TiTi Guest

    Prime95 has been running for 6h54m without a crash or something unusual.

    I took the 'torture test' Blend, which takes a bout 1Gb mem and tests a bit of everything (FPU, RAM, L2 cache).

    I'll take In place large FFT test later.

  9. TiTi

    TiTi Guest


    My pc also crashes when running 3DMark03. Guess I should look no further...

    I'm going to return it and hope they can get it fixed.

    Thanks for all the help.
  10. kam03

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    get a replacment. have u got the latest chipset drivers installed?

  11. shergy

    shergy Guest

    6800 ultra crashes

    I have exactly the same problem with an MSI 6800 ultra, crashes on farcry for 10 secs then runs again (sometimes) 3Dmark2003 crashes every time on troll demo, all latest drivers 9.0c, etc.

    I have 6 fans with good circulation, it souds like overheat but I do not think it is.

    Last night in desperation I put some old 5XXX drivers on and now everything seems OK.

    I have just downloaded the latest leaked drivers and will try them.
  12. TiTi

    TiTi Guest

    Hey there,

    What do you mean by chipset drivers? Are those the nVidia drivers you refer to? I've tried 61.36, 61.76, 61.77 and 62.20. It made no difference, my pc keeps crashing.
    If those aren't the drivers you're talking about, could you post a link where I can find them?

    Personally I don't think it is a heating problem because after a loop-freeze-problem, it is possible that I can play for another hour after that.

    It seems like I'm not the only one with this (exact same) problem... Would this be a bug in the nVidia hardware perhaps? Or aren't the drivers up to date for this new card? Weird because I'm seeing benchmarks for this card and they don't mention any crashes.

    I have tried several things and none works. I will pbbl try the 5X dr!v3rs but I'm not sure that will help.

  13. shergy

    shergy Guest

    ultra crashes
    I have tried the tatest drivers I could find 65.xx all was fine in 3dmark2003 but atfer 20 minutes farcry froze again, I will revent to the 56.63 and try them again, I have emailed MSI asking for their help, Like you I am not happy, its a very expensive card that seems like a waste of money, my ati 9800xt never had any problems...
  14. Kermit_the_frog

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    No he means the drivers for your mother board from Gigabyte in your case, I always like to do things in a certain order

    1: Windows
    2: Chipset drivers ( motherbaord drivers )
    3: Sound and Video Drivers
    4: Windows Updates
  15. shergy

    shergy Guest

    Ultra crash

    Msi have responded and asked that I remove the sound card, revert to the onboard sound card and try again.....

    Seems very unlikely but I will try.

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