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Discussion in 'Digital Photography, Home and Portable Electronics' started by hugoking, Mar 30, 2002.

  1. hugoking

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    who can find the cheapest price for a sony mz-n1, has to be new and must be able to be shipped to the UK. Lowest Price i can get so far is £233 from, anyone beat this? You get a big loada me smiling if u can.
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    HIS Radeon 7850
    ive seen it for around 299 USD>..i dont know how much is that in Pounds.....thats was like a month or so ago.....ill go see if it dropped...
  3. hugoking

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    $299 is £210 so better, the only problem would be the shipping cause a lot of american shops don't like shipping to england and those that do can charge a lot for it. I've found a price of £224 on a british site, that includes delivery. I might give old John Lewis a ring and get them to beat it.

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