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    Radeon 6850M 2GB GDDR5
    Hey all, I've been a long time user of Guru3D, just never got around to joining the forums. Also been a long time user of Rivatuner.

    I started out... probably right around 2 years ago now using it on an older HP Laptop DV7 Walmart $999 special. But for its day I would of put it up to an Alienware, thing was loaded to be put on a Wally World shelf. Anyways before I get off topic, I'm always looking for ways to Supe stuff up. From my EVO, to my computer, to the washing machine. So naturally I went through all the freeware looking for something that worked. Tried the MSI Afterburner, but for some reason I could just -never- get it to work. Always gave me some error, no matter what I did, and I'm not computer illiterate by any means so I just gave up on it. Then found Rivatuner, and at first almost cried when I saw it was an NVIDIA kind of thing, but after some reading I found it can be redneck engineer'd to run some ATI cards. So here's my new problem.

    I'm running a entirely new laptop system, one that put me back about 3 grand than the Walmart special I mentioned. It's a 3D Laptop, with a Mobility HD6850. I did the same trick with this as I did with my other laptops old Mobility 4800HD series. The only thing that worries me, is my old laptop's GPU took a dump on me, when I last used it for gaming (and at the time it was WoW) it would just cut off like someone ripped the battery out of it, then not turn on until you waited about 5 minutes and went through this whole ordeal. I tore the thing apart and did what I could, so it works nice for an everyday deal. So needless to say I don't want the same thing to happen to this card in my new toy. And I never did OC it to rediculous levels, just far enough to even my frame rate out so I didn't end up having spikes in play at high graphic levels.

    I've just got a few questions, hopefully someone can sort them out for me. The first being, running this sort of 'back-door' run around on the Tuner, is it somehow harder on the cards than normal OCing? Secondly, when RT starts up, it says ATI Mobility Radeon HD 6800 series \ Generic PnP Monitor, then below it 128-bit RV730(320sp) with 0MB DDR Memory. First I'm unsure why it's always said 0 MB DDR memory. Second, when I open up Customize and go to Low-level system settings, the Mhz range its giving me on the slide bar is nowhere close to my card's normal operating range. I can't even slide it up far enough to techinically be Overclocking without it getting grey'd out after so far in either direction. And under 'More' everything is grey'd out. Third, I also have no fan control, it's grey'd out as well. And lastly, I'm having trouble getting my G19 to recognize Rivatuner as an applet, although it says the G-15/G-19 have native support for it.

    So if anyone could help me out on these issues, I'd really appreciate it.


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