Compact Flash dead and reborn..with special help.

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    Hello gents !
    I want to share something that happened to me a few days ago.
    Wanted to add some money to my income, so went freelance with wedding photos and events.All worked pretty well until disaster struck.
    A DSLR Nikon camera started to behave strange, reset the date and settings.Nothing major, as i assumed.But after ejecting the 64 Sandisk
    Compact Flash i could no longer read the information from it.
    I tried EVERYTHING i knew and then some more....nothing.Nevertheless, the groom and bride asked for some samples of the wedding.
    I was mortified.
    I searched what was wrong with my Sandisk 64 GB CF was the controller.And itseems that it is a common failure.
    In data recovery one has to know where to stop to prevent further damage.So i searched for help.
    Found a recovery lab from Dresden, Germany named Recoverfab. Apparently they remove the memory chip/controller
    from the circuit board and read the data with a special NAND flash reader and then compile into readable data.Seemed too good to be true.
    Filled a form, and asked about if they can help me.They responded quickly and send them the damaged card.I was amazed how fast they sent me
    some samples recovered from the assumed dead CF card.
    Really, Recoverfab know their stuff.
    I was born again, i could sleep and think clearly.
    After a few e-mails back and forth payment was made and i got the FTP download link for my photos.
    Well, they say that in life you win some, and lose some.
    I rather lose than face a happy couple saying that i lost their wedding photos.
    Moral of the story: back-up, re-check hardware and don't assume anything.
    Regards, Adrian P
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    MSI 1070 GTX
    Wow, that was a close one. :eek3:

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