[COD5] Beta Keys & Distribution

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    This is an Official statement from Activision:

    Read the full article here:


    here is a little snippet in case you too lazy to click the link: (lol)

    "We sent out BETA codes to VIP’s at the same time that the GameStop codes were being issued. Due to e-mail latency and other unforeseen factors, there are some delays. You should be receiving your codes via e-mail tonight. If you do not, please be patient. We will ensure you get your codes as quickly as possible"

    They just cant handle they load the forums are running so slow cause 100 new "where is the beta" posts are being made evert minute, you can still pre order and get the key but you wont get the key for about 12 hours.

    http://callofduty5.tv are a gamestop partner and you will get the beta quicker if you order through them.

    Should be good from all the clips ive seen :biggun:
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    Great news, already have mine pre-ordered!

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