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Discussion in 'Videocards - NVIDIA GeForce' started by fangs2000, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. fangs2000

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    My battlefiled 1942 game has recently has problems, reseting and freezing. I've tried some things but I think the solution could be wiping all traces and any vidio card drivers ever installed.

    So, how would I go about this, I have installed custom drivers from here and offical drivers.

    Also, anyone who knows a way to fix my problem I would be grateful.
  2. stainbox

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    if u want to delete traces on old drivers try NFR: nvidia nasty file remover... u can find in downloads section... there are some other driver cleaners as well... as for battlefield i had a problem like that a while ago... i tried everything.. and i had to do a clean OS install... try removing driver traces first and post here how its going... hope that helps :D
  3. fangs2000

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    I booted up windows in safe mode and uninstalled the Nvidia drivers in add/remove programs, in system properties and ran NFR. I'm out of options here.

    I've tried three vesions of drivers two offical force versions and one detonator driver. No luck

    So, should I format my hard disk :(, or should I just uninstall windows and reinstall.

    p.s. could someone give me a step-by-step guide saying what I should do to uninstall windows. (I just need the basics, no 'start-run' etc.)

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    I thought you was supposed to unistall them with windows normally, use NFR..then install the drivers in safe o well..if im wrong ive had no trouble with doing it this way

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