CINEBENCH R15 EXTREME! - Unofficial MOD for the community to Stress HEDT platforms.

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    Dear Friends,
    I am happy to share with you my small Mod for the Popular R15 benchmark!
    As you all know, since AMD ThreadRipper 2990WX came out the CINEBENCH R15 looked too easy for this monster CPU, the Scene Renders too Fast :).
    Now we also got the new Intel Xeon W-3175X 28-core and many Overclockers playing with the CR R15 and the current version cannot stress enough those CPU's and the scores fluctuation too much.
    So I played with the files of the benchmark and I force it to render X4 Times the resolution!
    Plus, I edited the textures to make this "R15 EXTREME MOD".
    Now the Render times is over 80 seconds vs around 25 seconds on stock Ryzen 7 2700X (new score around 430 vs 1700)!

    P.S: More accurate Notebook CPU's benchmark scores:
    with this Mod you can better evaluate Notebook CPU's performance since even with single run you can throttle the CPU clocks unlike the Original CB R15 that finishes too quickly.

    Please Post your Score in the [ANN] thread:


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